Visual Mafia YG3

  • Current Location: NYC

The namesake "Visual Mafia" came from a fascination with the subversive 'get things done' group of family and friends, otherwise known as Cosa Nostra. The Visual Mafia was founded on principles of collectivism and dialogue. Living and working together in Manhattan, designing various social, commercial and cultural identities, packaging systems and branding, as well as environmental and early web experiences, the Visual Mafia had its hands in just about everything in the realm of design. This studio work supported their extracurricular activity and primary passion—employing the poster as a tool and subverting advertising locations to cultivate a dialogue, rather than desire. Todd Anderson, Christopher Garvey, Nick Bilton, Matthew McGuinness, and Morgan Sheasby were the founding members of the Visual Mafia in 1996.

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