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  • Current Location: New York, USA

Tom is a Senior Digital Creative who has worked on a wide range of creative projects in the fields of advertising, design and technology. After starting of a successful career in advertising in Belgium - where he won numerous awards including Cannes Lions and D&AD - Tom travelled around Europe to work for different digital agencies while building his own start up company, Tom currently relocated in NYC where he teams up with co-founders of PARTY NY, Masashi Kawamura and Qanta Shimizu. They have been working with clients such as Google, Intel, Toyota, Trident and many more. Tom has always pursued working on personal projects on the side, resulting in a dozen of stand alone websites and other projects that received press and awards worldwide.

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    IQ Font

    To demonstrate its incredible agility, the new Toyota iQ was the first car in the world to create an entire font from A to Z. To make this project happen, we collaborated with: Zach Lieberman, pioneer in interactive art, Color tracking software developer. - Pierre and Damien, from Pleaseletmedesign, a type and graphic design studio. Font designers. - Professional pilot Stef van Campenhoudt, European champion of GT3 racing. Font driver. All together, they created the iQ Font. The making of video was posted on Vimeo, with a direct link to download the iQ Font for free on the Toyota website, where people were also invited to book a test drive. in it's first week only, the project was viewed by over 1 million people and covered by blogs, magazines and books all over the world.


    Creative Agency: Happiness Brussels Creative Director: Gregory Titeca Creative Team: Tom Galle & Ramin Afshar Software Developer: Zachary Lieberman Typographers: Pierre Smeets & Damien Aresta / Pleaseletmedesign Font Driver: Stef Vancampenhout

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    Oil & Water

    When the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill happened, we decided to print posters with the leaked oil as ink, and sell them to raise money for the cleanup. Anthony Burrill designed the Oil And Water Do Not Mix poster, and with the help of local screen printing studio Purple Monkey, we screen printed 250 posters and sold them for $150 each. The posters were sold out in 48 hours, raising $35,000 for the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana. The 'Oil & Water Do Not Mix poster' has been featured on dozens of websites and books, and was recently added in the 'new acuisitions gallery' at the V&A museum in London, which was a real mark of how the poster made an impact.


    Creative Agency: Happiness Brussels Creative Director: Gregory Titeca Creative Team: Tom Galle, Ramin Afshar, Cecilia Isturiz Poster Designer: Anthony Burrill Screen Printing Studio: Purple Monkey Design New Orleans

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    Drake Weather

    In personal projects I love to explore the bounderies between hip hop culture and technology / internet. An example of this was, a homage to Drake's latest album cover ( The website is basically a weather app that replaces the background of drake's album cover to an image of the weather on your location. The website got more than 700,000 visits in its first week only, with press coverage on Time Magazine, Complex Magazine, Huffington Post, The Verge, The Guardian, CBC, and many more.


    Concept: Tom Galle & Bob Jeusette Design & Code: Tom Galle & Bert Vermeire

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