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  • Current Location: Calgary, Canada

Studio North is a design + build practice based in Calgary, Canada, established by Matthew Kennedy and Mark Erickson. Studio North is recognized nationally and internationally as an emerging Canadian design practice. Their work has been profiled in numerous publications, such as Canadian Architect Magazine and ArchDaily. Studio North connects design with building and craft, where a relationship is maintained between the architectural idea and the act of making. In working directly with materials, Matthew and Mark are able to respond to the unique qualities they encounter. This ability enhances their projects and their clients’ experiences. By acting as both the designers and the builders, they are able to creatively and meaningfully engage with the client, the site, and the community.

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    As part of a stationary parade in Nuit Blanche Toronto 2013, PARALLAX is composed of backlit horizontally stacked tubes of different lengths that use light to articulate movement. The tubes are tightly packed apertures, a dot screen controlling the amount of light the viewer can see based on their location. In the stationary parade, people flow around the float engaging it as they pass by; the movement of the crowd replacing the usual movement of the float. The visual experience changes as spectators move down the length of the float and the light apertures morph in size, creating the illusion of a moving orb of light. An auditory effect occured where observers had conversations through the tubes from one side of the float to the other. One could hold their ear up to a tube and listen to the murmer of the crowds, or have a one to one conversation with the person directly across from them.


    Collaborator: Andrew Choptiany Curator: Patrick Macaulay Lighting and technical support: Joshua Hind, Joshua Koffman Dimensions: 53' x 12' x 8.5' Materials: Cardboard kraft tubes

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    Located in Calgary's historic neighborhood of Ramsay, this project involved a second story and attic renovation in a small century home. The attic is designed as a place of retreat for the family to gather, read, play, rest, and to daydream. The built-in sitting nook offers a place to be nestled in the canopy of a tree and to take in the view overlooking Ramsay and the railway. The design demanded efficient and versatile use of space. The hatchway for the pull down stair situated in between the kids bedrooms doubles as a library and shared storage space for the kids when the stair is up. A skylight was added above the hatchway to allow for light to penetrate into both the attic and second floor spaces and to naturally ventilate the house.

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    Ross Creek Dining Hall

    The lamella dining hall at Ross Creek Centre for the Arts is a theatrical and dramatic space that sits lightly on the landscape and fits into the context of a children’s performing arts camp. The inherent qualities of the wood used on the project gives the interior space a natural beauty and warmth, while the polycarbonate cladding glows with the colours of the surrounding sky. As the sun moves throughout the day, the building transforms. The slate floor absorbs the eastern sun in the morning, heating the space in the coolest hours of the day. When the sun is setting, the entire structure radiates a yellow-orange spectrum off of the timber members. With a framed view of the Bay of Fundy, the design creates a sense of place unique to Ross Creek Centre for The Arts that its visitors will remember for a time to come.


    Location: Ross Creek, Nova Scotia Collaborators: Ted Cavanagh, Sam Lock, Clayton Blackman, Coastal Studio Area: 1,368sq.ft. Completed: 2010

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