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  • Current Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Studio AH—HA is a communication & graphic design studio established in 2011 by Carolina Cantante and Catarina Carreiras. The studio pursues varied creative interests across a variety of mediums: from brand strategy to interior design, naming and identity work, advertising, new media, traditional and fine print, retail and product design, photography and illustration. With an ever-changing cast of collaborators, Studio AH—HA has a holistic approach towards design and branding, working together with clients through every stage of the process, filtering their inspirations, ideas and motivations into fresh, engaging and compelling brand messages. Carolina and Catarina met in university but spent the following years abroad looking for new ways of thinking about graphic design, working side by side with some of their design heroes — Sam Baron & Fabrica's Design Studio (Treviso, Italy), Rem Koolhaas & the Office for Meropolitan Architecture (Rotterdam), Hjalti Karlsson and Jan Wilker at Karlssonwilker Inc (New York), Ian Anderson & Experimenta Design (Lisbon). They are based in Lisbon but look forward to work with the rest of the world.

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    From Europe with Love

    Catalogue and invitation for Sam Baron's first solo show in New York, in Cristina Grajales Gallery.


    Creative & Art Direction: Studio AH–HA Illustration: Mariana Sameiro / Studio AH—HA Photography: Diogo Alves / Studio AH—HA

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    Fluxograma Studio

    Communication project for the new concept store of Fluxograma, a company specialised in office furniture. The branding and display of the shop answered to a constant need of change, using 2D and 3D elements that move, together with the furniture, around the space. The showroom/shop works as a lab of ideas that changes every three months. The goal is to create different moods and environments; showing different approaches to the client for regular offices spaces — such as meeting and waiting rooms, lobbies, libraries, archives, open spaces, etc. The shop as also a printed newsletter where they showcase objects that complement the services that this office brand provides. The newsletter plays with images and lines in the same mood as the display but still in a very experimental way, creating a visual coherence through all materials.


    Art Direction: Studio AH–HA 
Interior Design: Sam Baron & Studio AH—HA Photography: Diogo Alves / Studio AH—HA

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    Futur Archaique

    Communication project and design of the exhibition curated by the journalist Yves Myrande for D'Days in Paris. The exhibition showcased a curated group of design pieces inspired by archaic shapes or materials but with an eye in the future. For the display and catalogue, Studio AH—HA designed a customised font inspired by the silex wall drawings of the neanderthals.


    Art Direction: Studio AH–HA
 Exhibition Design: Sam Baron & Studio AH—HA Photography: D’Days / Yves Myrande

  • Project 4 of 4


    Branding and communication project for a portuguese brand specialised in traditional crafts and contemporary interpretations of old techniques. The project includes the interior design of a physical shop, packaging, stationary and an online store.


    Creative & Art Direction: Sam Baron & Studio AH–HA Furniture Design: Sam Baron Photography: Diogo Alves / Studio AH—HA

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