Robert Wallace YG11

  • Current Location: Unknown
  • Originally From: Makuri, New Zealand

Robert Wallace is a director, animator, illustrator and mathematics enthusiast. He works across many styles and mediums, with clients and collaborators from around the world. Originally emerging from isolated woodlands in New Zealand, he cut his teeth as a designer/animator at Auckland-based Special Problems, as well as directing videos and commercials. He then moved across the globe to London, continuing his exploration as Parallel Teeth. Robert is now traveling the world in search of a new city to set up his studio, to further explore the hypnotic and surreal elements of visuals and narrative.

Portfolio Imagery:

  • Project 1 of 3

    Dead Head

    A 60’s inspired short film with a loose narrative. Dead Head explores both delusional paranoia and euphoria through hypnotic imagery.


    Director/Animator: Robert Wallace Audio: Rory Harnden

  • Project 2 of 3

    Ladi6 – Shine On

    Music video for Ladi6’s track Shine On. Narrated by a band of ghosts, this is a cute, yet dark fable of one creature's intergalactic search for love. Based on the tracks lyrical themes of love and devotion, and the subtle musical references to old science fiction films.


    Director/Editor/Animator: Robert Wallace Director of Photography: Simon Godsiff Creative Consultant: Emily Macrae Art Department: Simon Godsiff, Emily Macrae, Roxana McIntyre & Robert Wallace Art Department Assistants: Hazel Davies, Beth Draper, Calvin Humby Julian Schloemer & Lucy Taggart

  • Project 3 of 3

    Homeslice Pizza vs. Ridley Road Market Bar

    Risograph posters advertising the weekly event of the Homeslice Pizza oven at tropical-themed Ridley Road Market Bar.

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