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Philip Sierzega is a freelance multidisciplinary Art Director and was a co-founding member of the art studio, Red Paper Heart. He has always had a passion for experimentation, especially when combining interactivity, animation, and design. With a degree from RIT in New Media Design and a background in web design, Philip now applies his skills to designing interactive installations and experiences for the physical world. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, though his t-shirt collection is overly suggestive of his earlier days in Pittsburgh.

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    Art of Mixology

    Guests were invited to choose any 2 ingredients on a custom fabricated bar surface and watch as both a custom cocktail and unique visual art piece was made for them. The bar was adorned with jars filled to the brim with exotic cocktail ingredients. A quick touch of the jars would cause the jar to illuminate from below through the laser-cut surface of the bar. As the drink was being created, a large projection behind the mixologist started to animate and mix custom artwork based on each ingredient. As a finishing touch, cocktail shaker was fitted with a wireless sensor, and when the mixologist finished a drink with a vigorous shake, the art responded in kind. Swirling bits of graphics based on traditional mexican masks would animate out of the mixing ingredients on the large projection, thus finishing an original work of art.

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    Things & The Things They’re Made Of

    I, along with a colleague of mine, Eric Rothman, had been talking about collaborating on an animation in our spare time for years, but the idea had never come to fruition. ‘Things and The Things They're Made Of’ was made in defiance of this longstanding procrastination. We imposed a 48 hour time limit on ourselves to come up with an idea, illustrate this idea, and animate the illustrations. After some lightning-round brainstorming, an idea was agreed upon— illustrate an object, and animate it exploding into its basic components. The idea was simple and allowed us some creative freedom to explore whimsical interpretations of what can define an object. Things & The Things They’re Made Of was featured in iDN Magazine (v18n4 - Infographics Issue), Wine After Coffee, &


    Illustration, Animation, & Concept: Philip Sierzega Eric Rothman Music: Josiah Wahlrab

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    The Hug Party

    The Hug Party was an art installation by the gentlemen of Red Paper Heart that encourages people to run and jump on a giant stuffed bear named Marvin. A custom 15’ x 10’ Teddy Bear was designed and then constructed using real teddy bear materials sourced from the Garment District in New York. Marvin the bear was then fitted with sensors in his belly that triggered flourishes of animations on the walls around him. The projections acted as a modern strong man carnival game and as you hugged Marvin, projections of happy faces stacked up the totem pole of hugs. The harder you landed on him, the happier the animations! The Hug Party made its debut at the FITC Conference 2012 in Toronto, Canada. It was also shown at Brooklyn Raw’s Discovery edition 2013 in Brooklyn, NY.

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