Otto Ng YG13

  • Current Location: Hong Kong
  • Studio: LAAB

Otto Ng is an architect and artist dedicated to design advancement and interdisciplinary collaboration. Otto co-founded LAAB in Hong Kong in 2013 with Ricci Wong and Yip Chun Hang, and shortly developed a clientele with local and global brands including Hermès, Malin+Goetz, and Swarovski. Based on the Fab-Lab model, LAAB capitalize on their unique blend of architects, artists, engineers, and craftsmen to intensify cross-disciplinary innovation. Projects of LAAB range from architecture and interior, to interactive art and smart city concept. Otto has taught as Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong, and serves at the Advisory Board for the development of its Common Core – a trans-disciplinary curriculum. He was invited as speaker at various public conferences, such as Good Design Talk, Knowledge of Design Week, AIA Entrepreneurship Summit, and TEDx Kowloon. Otto graduated with Master of Architecture from MIT, where he received Full Tuition Scholarship, Schnitzer Artist Silver Prize, and Alpha Rho Chi Medal.

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    Hermès “Rendezvous in the Air

    “Rendezvous in the Air" was a special art windows for Hermes FW14/15 under the theme "Metamorphosis". The work was inspired by the Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska: "Suitcases checked and standing side by side. One night, perhaps, the same dream, grown hazy by morning. Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through." The art window captures the whimsical moment of two travelers meeting at the Hermès store. The white strips are conceived as breeze flowing over the travelers walking towards each other in front of the store. The variation in the strip density opens up pockets of space where we carefully curate Hermès products.


    //art direction// Otto Ng - LAAB //technical lead// Ricci Wong, Kenneth Cheung //team// Edith Fung, Catherine Cheng, Honley Cheuk, Carolyn Tam, Hang Yip, Kathy Li //photography// Aaron Chen, Otto Ng

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    First Mansion

    The very first micro-apartment Otto and LAAB designed in Hong Kong, just over 300 sq. ft., can be transformed into a bedroom, living room, reading space, walk-in closet or even a home theater with a 100inch screen, at different times of the day. The design began with the concept of "4D shared space" the living space is compartmentalized, not by area, but by time. Made of lightweight pinewood from Norway’s sustainable forest, the platform provides plenty of storage while offering not only the surface for a king-size mattress, but also a place for movie night with a dozen of friends.


    //design direction// Otto Ng //team// Ricci Wong, Geoff Chan, Joel Wong

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