Nicolas Ménard YG12

  • Current Location: London, UK
  • Originally From: Montreal, Canada

Originally from Montreal, Nicolas currently resides in London where he makes short films, books, interactive things, drawings, posters, logos and what not. He freelanced for various media companies in Canada before completing an MA in Animation at the Royal College of Art in 2014. He is also a member of the Late Night Work Club, a collective of international independent animators making animated short films. He is represented by Nexus Productions for commercial work.

Portfolio Imagery:

  • Project 1 of 3


    Somewhere, our limbs lost in the distance. First year film produced at the Royal College of Art in London.


    Direction & Animation: Nicolas Ménard Music & Sound: Rich Vreeland Additional Animation: Anne-Louise Erambert, Louise Druelle, Oliver Hamilton, James Hatley Copyright: Royal College of Art, 2014

  • Project 2 of 3


    ARTV is a French-Canadian TV Channel promoting art. As part of their branding strategy, they invite artists to reinterpret their logo. Here it has been transformed into a galactic comic strip, paying homage to the flourishing comic book scene in Quebec. Have fun watching it a couple of times to enjoy all the details.


    Direction & Animation: Nicolas Ménard Sound Design: Rich Vreeland Commissioned by: Luc Leblanc Project Supervisor: Marie-Ève Tremblay Special Thanks to Samuel Jacques

  • Project 3 of 3

    Colorimetry in Motion

    Experimental film featuring translations between amalgams of shapes generated using the database of colorimetry and simple mathematical rules


    Concept, editing & sound by Nicolas Ménard. Programming & technical assistance by Éric Renaud-Houde. Produced in Canada by La chose imprimée.

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