Lisa Hedge YG11

  • Current Location: New York

I’m a graphic designer, illustrator and art director, originally from New Zealand and currently based in New York. For the past year and a half, I’ve been working with the creative studio Partners & Spade, involved in the design and art direction for a range of clients that include distinguished lifestyle brands such as J.Crew, Warby Parker, and Target. Freelance work allows me the opportunity to visualize the ideas of others through a number of creative methods, engaging in processes that often involve digital collage and photography. In the several years spent in New York prior to joining the small team at P&S, I worked with the multidisciplinary design agency Tender Creative, freelanced with L’Oreal and Estee Lauder Brands, and enjoyed taking on roles of assisting in painting studios and art galleries.

Portfolio Imagery:

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    Botanical Save the Date

    Feminine florals take on a graphic personality as they are arranged with kaleidoscopic symmetry and balanced with modern typography. This botanical wedding announcement was inspired by Victorian pressed flowers and poetic herbariums possessed by the likes of Emily Dickenson, re-imagined through digital collage.

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    Wildflower Save the Date

    For a romantic yet modern wedding, an organic wildflower arrangement was created as a visual centerpiece to this save the date card, also applied to a number of other items within the collection.


    Role: Art Direction, Design, Illustration

  • Project 3 of 3


    Lowlands is a digital illustration that was imagined as an abstract portrait of a disoriented protagonist, contemplative and melancholic within a surreal landscape.

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