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  • Current Location: New York
  • Studio: PSYOP

Lauren Indovina has been a Creative Director / Designer with Psyop since 2009 and has worked on award winning spots, including Fage Plain, Fed Ex Enchanted Forest, both a part of the MOMA permanent collection, Super Bowl XLVII Beck's Serenade, Friskies Alice, which opened stereoscopically before Pixar's Brave, CÎROC Ultra Premium Vodka, and currently directs and leads the British Gas Campaign at PSYOP. Under her direction, her projects have earned top honors from AICP, the Clios, the Art Directors Club and the Emmys. Most recently, Lauren was featured on Motionographer for her work and essay 10,000 Arrows to the Heart. Lauren has been a guest speaker in several global conferences. In February 2013, Lauren joined PSYOP Managing Director, Lucia Grillo, at Stash Media's The Art of the Pitch sharing How to Lose like a Winner. In 2010, Lauren spoke at Motion where she gave the keynote speech Designing with Meaning. Prior to joining Psyop, Lauren was the Creative Director for Bl:nd’s New York office. She is an author on the industry site Motionographer. Lauren holds a BFA in Film Animation and Video and Art History from the Rhode Island School of Design.

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    Fage Plain

    FAGE "Plain" was created in February 2010 for the launch of Fage Greek Yogurt in the United States. Agency Mullen tasked us with concepting their Willem Dafoe, Seussian-styled VO to create a visual language that told a metaphorical story of the idea "Plain." With a production time frame of 5 week, the commercial is primarily live action with some CG components. To achieve the seamless integration of live action and CG, PSYOP NY teamed with Reel FX in Los Angeles, CA, where we shot a mixture of liquid effects, live action talent in a tank on the Warner Brothers lot, melting wax, and a live action cow. It features the voiceover of Willem Dafoe. Fage "Plain" won the following awards: ADC 2012 (Won: Gold) , AICP 2012 (Won: Design, Permanent MOMA Collection)  AICP Short List 2012: Visual Style, Design, Agency Art Direction, Copywriting, Clio2012


    Full credits available at:

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    Fed Ex Enchanted Forest Styleframe

    FedEx "Enchanted Forest", created in the Fall of 2011, was Directed by Marie Hyon and Marco Spier of PSYOP NY. The original pitch was led by myself, Lauren Indovina, and Jon Saunders. During our pitch phase, we were drawn to the darker tonality of Grimms Fairy Tales or Pan's Labyrinth, with a forest that was quiet and calm, but beautiful and esoteric. Ultimately, the aesthetic became more merry and whimsical. A good portion of our time in design is spent working collaboratively, and this process was really key to coming up with the aesthetic of the FedEx characters. One designer would bring an interesting set of aesthetics to the table, and another would riff from that and come up with something new. This led us to a more eclectic set of characters whose clothing design drew from Victorian, to turn of the century, to 1960's jazz. Every character was given its own look and feel. The key to unifying these characters to make them feel a part of the same world was to make the proportions of all animals a little offbeat and unusual, at times making the proportions so traditionally wrong, that they actually felt right for this spot: the bunny's waist is impossibly small, or the mice are so fat, they are basically ball sacks with small hands and feet. Once awarded, Marie and Marco shot plates of live action forest while Jon and I worked on developing and designing the language and look of the characters and environment. The project has since won the following awards: AICP 2012 (Won: Animation, Permanent MOMA Collection)  AICP Short list 2012: Visual Effects, Agency Art Direction. Clio 2012 (Won: Gold, Animation) ADC 2012(Won: Silver, Animation)


    Designed and Art Directed by Lauren Indovina Additional direction credit: Marie Hyon, Marco Spier, PSYOP

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    T.Rowe Price Metal Styleframe

    T.Rowe Price "Metal", "Cable" and "Glass" is a commercial campaign produced at PSYOP in the Fall of 2010. Each spot was created to represent a different material in which the world connects. These two ads use the materials Metal and Cable. Since its airing in 2010, the T.Rowe "Metal", "Glass" and "Cable" have been staples to the ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox broadcasts of primetime news programming. It represents a colorful and creative approach to appealing to investment consumers and managers across the world.


    Designed and directed by Lauren Indovina Additional Direction: Marie Hyon CG Modeling and Texturing: Xuan Seifert

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