Lars Kjelsnes YG11

  • Current Location: Oslo
  • Studio: Heydays

Lars Kjelsnes a a 31 year old graphic designer from Oslo, Norway. He studied for 3 years at Westerdals School of Communication—a school which was ranked one of the world’s top ten communication schools in “YoungGuns Schools of the Decade”. After graduating from Westerdals in 2008, he started Heydays design studio together with four class mates. Starting up on their own straight after school was a unique opportunity to set their own path and ways. At Heydays Lars has been working with a broad range of small and international clients. His work is concept driven, clutter-less and tactile. You might sense a nordic approach and feel to it. Lars’ work has won several awards, national and international, and has been featured in books and magazines from some of the best design publishers worldwide.

Portfolio Imagery:

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    Studio Hansen

    Studio Hansen is a norwegian industrial design studio which best can be defined as strong concepts and immaculate finish. By using the dotted grid as an identity element, Lars communicates the studio through the precise appearance of the grid and, which can be seen as a designers blank canvas

  • Project 2 of 3


    Art Direction and editorial design for Premiss, a political magazine with in-depth features and articles. This issues theme was privacy, and we created a layered feeling, making the theme the most important feature of all — in front with spot varnish.


    Designed in collaboration with Stein Henrik Haugen Photography by Jan Erik Svendsen and Thomas Lein

  • Project 3 of 3

    ‘Design versus music’

    'Design versus music' is an annual event part of the Insomnia electronic music festival held in Tromsø, Norway. As speakers along­side Scott Hansen/ISO50. By die cutting a hole, the poster resembles vinyl sleeves, but also highlights details from posters already in the streets — most of them music related. This creates a strong visual language, as well as it gives room for reflecting on the title.

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