Larry Buchanan YG12

  • Current Location: New York, USA
  • Studio: New York Times

Larry Buchanan reports and makes maps, charts, diagrams and other things that don’t necessarily fall into one of those categories, mostly for The New York Times. Before that he worked as a freelancer for The New Yorker, The Onion, ESPN and others. Before that he went to Indiana University, adopted a cat, lived in a log cabin, adopted a dog, and married a lovely lady on Leap day.

Portfolio Imagery:

  • Project 1 of 3

    The Voting Blocs of New York City

    A deep look at the Democratic voting blocs that matter in New York.


    Ford Fessenden, Alicia DeSantis, and Josh Keller

  • Project 2 of 3

    Inequality and New York’s Subway

    Along individual subway lines, earnings range from poverty to considerable wealth. We charts these shifts, using data on median household income, from the U.S. Census Bureau, for census tracts with subway stations.


    Nicholas Traverse

  • Project 3 of 3

    As The Earth Turns

    Whether measured in milliseconds or megayears, the world is in constant motion. Here, a brief, illustrated look.


    Stephen Cass

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