Kevin Cantrell YG12

  • Current Location: Salt Lake City, USA
  • Studio: Kevin Cantrell Design

Kevin Cantrell is an art director, designer and lettering artist. He recently opened his own studio in Salt Lake City, Utah, which specializes in comprehensive brand identity, brand strategy, custom lettering, packaging and interactive applications. He has lived in Germany, South Africa, Brazil, New York and now Salt Lake City, Utah. This diverse upbringing has helped him understand brand ethnographic influences. When crafting a brand, Kevin focuses on core principles, with an emphasis on typography, to strategically and elegantly communicate a story that resonates with the audience cross-culturally. Kevin earned a BFA in Graphic Design from Brigham Young University in 2008. He has worked with clients such as M&RL, Neenah Paper, Fetcham Park (UK), Harvard University, Princeton University, Phillips Exeter Academy and Cottonhouse Hotel (Barcelona). His work has been recognized by Communication Arts Design and Typography Annuals, Graphis, Type Directors Club, Print Regional Design Annual, the One Show. Kevin was recently named one of Print Magazine’s 20 under 30 New Visual Artists 2014.

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    Authentic, genuine, forthright. With a direct client relations' approach, the Law Office of Matthew Messina embodies traditional values, providing the best legal services possible with an emphasis on estate planning, trusts, wills, contracts and family law. The identity draws inspiration from Matthew’s family origins to the pioneer days of Utah and insurance documents during that era.


    Studio: Kevin Cantrell Design Art Direction, Design, Lettering: Kevin Cantrell Typography Consulting: Arlo Vance Production: Mandate Press, Utah

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    Terra, 3/7 in the 7 Days series, is inspired by map insurance lettering. The text is taken from the first few verses in Genesis, on the creation, suggesting the infinite possibilities to create using Neenah Papers. Terra is produced in various formats: a laser wood etching and several foils stamps on various Neenah Papers. The border spells out “Let the Earth Bring Forth,” with each corner representing one of the seasons.


    Studio: Kevin Cantrell Design Art Direction, Design, Lettering: Kevin Cantrell Typography Consulting: Arlo Vance, Spencer Charles Production: Gottschall Engraving, SLC

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    Hawthorne & Wren specializes in meaningful gifts of comfort. The hawthorne represents honor, respect, hope, and the healing of broken hearts. The hawthorne’s wood is known for strength and durability, suggesting longevity and endurance. The wren acts as the messenger, suggesting the need to share with others a message of hope and optimism, like a song to the heart. Hence, Hawthorne & Wren gives meaning to emotions and wings to words. All points of contact with the brand suggest a personal, hand done quality that promote the need to connect and share our lives with people who mean something important to us.


    Studio: A3 Design Creative Direction: Adrian Pulfer Art Direction, Design, Lettering: Kevin Cantrell Photography: Derek Israelsen Production: Mandate Press, SLC

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