Keenan Cummings YG11

  • Current Location: Brooklyn
  • Studio: Wander

About 3 years ago, I was working at a designer's dream job: reputable agency, high standards for work, great clients‚ but I just couldn't get into the work. I decided to leave and a few months later after some intense soul searching; endless research, meetings and interviews; and on the back of some heavy financial strain and the arrival of a new born baby, I left to cofound a company. For the past 2 years I have poured myself into building Wander, a company that builds digital products that help you tell your life story. I have discovered that my creativity is driven by the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship. As I continue to build and grow Wander, I fill the time I have left with writing and a few ongoing side projects.

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    Days App

    Days is a visual diary for the iPhone that lets you capture each day of your life as it really is: sunny or dark, exciting or tedious, exceptional or mundane and always unfiltered. Days is a product I am an incredibly proud of from a team I am lucky to work with. It is the culmination of 18 months of work, going from day one of cofounding the company, to building a team, raising venture capital, slogging through the heavy work of concepting and building a product, and finally, as of May 2013, launching that product.

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    With my cofounder Jeremy, our goal was to build products that gave people the opportunity for deeper and more full expression of their creative selves through the people, things, and places they care about. I am the creative director and designer at Wander. I do everything from product, UX, and UI, to marketing campaigns, posters, and t-shirts (and I do some front-end code well).

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    Designer’s Debate Club

    Designer's Debate Club is a regularly held event series where practitioners and pros in the design industry get together to hash out the sticky subjects that are too charged for polite panels and too complex for twitter banter. Designer's Debate Club is the panel without politeness. It is pomp and circumstance (tweed, bow ties, and pipes). It is competition. It is fun and absurdity with a bunch of really great people. And hopefully, a few good insights and pearls of wisdom will find their way into the conversation.

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