Joshua Harvey YG11

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Joshua studied at SVA in NYC and started his career with world renowned studio After leaving and spending a few years freelance, he found himself at Buck as Creative Director in 2011. Recently, Joshua co-lead and worked on Good Books “Metamorphosis,” which won Gold for Animation at the London International Awards as well as the Designism Award at the Art Directors Club Awards.

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    Good Books

    It is not very often that we have the opportunity to create a graphic equivalent of a drug fueled rant bringing all of our collective skills to bear. And it is almost unfathomable that we could actually do something like this and benefit a good cause. The Buck team dug deep, channeling our inner gonzo, to direct and produce this homage promoting Good Books, the online bookseller that passes all its profits through to Oxfam. A big thanks to String Theory in NZ for bringing us this script, Antfood for their amazing audio stylings, to Thor for giving his voice and to all the artists who made this something we are proud of.


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    ChildLine is a UK-based, confidential, free, 24-hour counselling service for children and young people under the age of 19. ChildLine deals with any issue that causes distress or concern, one of which is unfortunately sexual abuse. For this project, we were approached by YCN Studio in London to craft an animated piece that would help children who are considering contacting ChildLine feel comfortable about the process of speaking with a counsellor about sexual abuse.


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    Sherwin Williams - Bees

    Poppy Flower, Poinsettia, Stolen Kiss, Electric Lime. For our second spot in the Sherwin Williams paint chip campaign, which premiered to 23 million viewers in the American Idol finale, we turn our lens on a colony of busy bees out for a sun-drenched, afternoon adventure.


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