JooHee Yoon YG13

  • Current Location: Providence, RI
  • Originally From: USA

JooHee Yoon is an illustrator and printmaker who contributes regularly to international publications, such as the New York Times, in addition to working on advertising and book projects. Her original drawings and screen prints have been exhibited across the globe, and she was the recipient of the 2013 Ars en Fabula Grant from the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy. Her work has featured in American Illustration, Communication Arts and has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators in NYC. She currently divides her time teaching printmaking at the Rhode Island School of Design and working on her freelance projects.

Portfolio Imagery:

  • Project 1 of 4

    Society of Illustrators

    Call for entries poster for the 57th annual Society of Illustrators NYC exhibition.


    Art director: Chris Buzelli Layout design: Lotta Nieminen

  • Project 2 of 4

    New York Times Sunday Review

    For the New York Times Sunday Review, women are better decision makers than men.


    Art director: Alexandra Zsigmond

  • Project 3 of 4

    Plansponsor Magazine

    For Plansponsor Magazine, article about weeding out the weak in the financial market.


    Art director: SooJin Buzelli

  • Project 4 of 4

    Re Tigre

    Spread from Re Tigre (Tiger King), a hand bound and screen printed picturebook produced by Italian publisher Orecchio Acerbo in collaboration with Else Edizioni. The text is an Italian translation of a short story written by American author James Thurber. An English edition of the book will be published fall 2015.


    Art director: Fausta Orecchio

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