Jono Brandel YG12

  • Current Location: San Francisco, USA

Jono Brandel (b. 1986) relies on the combination of two fundamental disciplines: graphic design and computer programming. The results of this mixture vary in form, but usually have a screen-based component. He explores procedural aesthetics. Jono earned a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA’s department of Design | Media Arts with a minor in Latin. He went on to receive two artist grants with: cheLA in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Fabrica in Treviso, Italy. He is now a member of the Data Arts Team in Google’s Creative Lab. His work has been showcased at FITC, Type Directors Club, the Tate Modern, Tribeca Film Festival, SIGGRAPH, Gray Area, Eyebeam, OFFF, and HAMMER Museum.

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    Just A Reflektor

    Just A Reflektor is an interactive film featuring a new song from The Arcade Fire. The film lets you cast a virtual projection on your computer screen by holding up your mobile device in front of your computer’s webcam. That way you control all of the visual effects in the experience — not by moving a mouse on a screen, but by moving your phone or tablet through the physical space around you. Winner of the 2014 SXSW Interactive Award (Music) and Emmy for Original Interactive Content.


    Written, directed, and produced by Vincent Morisset. Creative direction by Vincent Morisset and Aaron Koblin. Music by Arcade Fire. Starring Axelle Munezero, Maurice Gilles, Bybiane Hyppolite, Charlemagne Fritzner, Varnessa Alcan, Ricardo Tiberice, Dorcas Jean Louis, Bellgarde MacKendy, Augusutin A. Mentor, Jayes Yves Rotty, Viergeline Jean, Genlittin Guillaume, and Rara Tesser Esprit. Produced by AATOAA, Google Creative Lab, Unit9, and Antler Films.

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    This Exquisite Forest

    This Exquisite Forest is an experimental website that serves as a gallery of user-generated collaborative animations. Loosely based on the Surrealist’s Exquisite Corpse, the website allows people to create short hand-drawn animations that anyone else can add on to. These animations are then showcased on the website’s gallery. The result is an emerging community of fine artists, animators, and amateurs. The gallery was on exhibit at the Tate Modern in London from July 2012 – July 2013.


    Project Concept and Creative Direction Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin. Engineer Doug Fritz. Designer / Developer George Michael Brower and Ray McClure. Developer Mr.doob. Executive Producer Valdean Klump. Producer Sabah Ahmed Kosoy. Marketing Manager Jenny

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    Unnumbered Sparks

    For TED's 30th anniversary, artists Janet Echelman and Aaron Koblin collaborated to create Unnumbered Sparks, a monumental interactive sculpture in the sky. Choreographed by visitors, the sculpture becomes a crowd-controlled visual artwork on an illuminated, floating canvas at night. Visitors with smartphones and tablets can paint vibrant beams of light across the sculpture at a remarkable scale — small touch movements on phones become hundred foot long trails that evolve and combine with those of fellow participants. The sculpture spans 745 feet and was installed between buildings in downtown Vancouver, Canada from March 15-22, 2014.


    Sculpture Studio Echelman. Software Production Google Data Arts Team. Lighting Graphics eMotion. Sound Design by CMoore Sound. Networking Brown Pelican. Documentation by Grainey Pictures. Photograph by Graphics eMotion.

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