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  • Current Location: Brooklyn

Jamie Carreiro is a multimedia creative who draws upon a background in computer science and filmmaking to combine new technology with traditional creative process. He's conceived and produced projects for clients including Delta, ESPN, Jordan Brand, Heineken, Ghetto Film School, YouTube and Google. A proponent of maker/DIY culture, he creates custom software, electronic prototypes and interactive demos to support his work. Previously, Jamie was a creative at Wieden + Kennedy NY and a director/producer for Essence Magazine's in-house production company, Essence TV. He frequently collaborates with electropop artist MNDR and fine artist/Psychobuildings frontman Peter LaBier, creating interactive video projections for live performances and producing a variety of music videos and other content. Jamie is currently the Director of Innovation at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners NY.

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    Delta Photon Shower

    The Photon Shower was created to help Delta Air Lines show their commitment to sleep as a priority for weary travelers. Working with Oxford Professor Russell Foster, we invented a first-of-its-kind jet lag treatment device. Taking the form of a tall, walk-in chamber, the Photon Shower provides doses of blue light that actually help your body clock adjust more quickly to a new time zone. Users input their travel info via touchscreen and are given a personalized treatment plan, guided by calming ambient music and custom narration. We premiered a working prototype of the Photon Shower at TED 2013 in Long Beach, California and the reaction was immediate: earned media coverage included Fast Company, The Daily Mail, Huffington Post and CNN.

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    Ghetto Film School

    Ghetto Film School Gaffer Tape Typography Generator

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    Psychobuildings ‘Wonderchamber’

    Psychobuildings frontman Peter LaBier's stage presence is defined by his unique dancing style. For the music video for his song "Wonderchamber," we wanted to emphasize and explore the movement of his dancing body. Using a kaleidoscopic compositing technique, we turned raw footage shot in his art studio into swirling biological choreography. The video premiered on Vice.com, who paid us the following compliment: "...our primary reason for wanting to premiere their new video for "Wonderchamber" is because we were really happy about all the body rolls and other various dance movements that happen in it. Dancing. You know? Just move your body around. Go nuts."


    Psychobuildings "Wonderchamber" from Psychobuildings "Hearts" EP (WonderSound Records 2012) / Starring Peter LaBier / Directed and produced by Jamie Carreiro

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