Eric Amaral Rohter YG13

  • Current Location: Bergen, Norway
  • Studio: ANTI Bergen

Eric Amaral Rohter is Associate Creative Director and Partner at ANTI Bergen—an internationally acclaimed Norwegian creative agency with a global client base. His work focuses largely on design, branding, communication strategy and technology, with an emphasis on simplicity, storytelling and creating a unique experience. Having grown up in the cosmopolitan meccas of Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Miami and Washington, DC, he draws creative inspiration from a vast repository of cultural influences and artistic forms. Originally from the U.S., Eric now lives and works in Bergen, Norway. His work has received international recognition from distinguished publications, organisations, and competitions, including Cannes Lions (winning Grand Prix in Design at Cannes 2014), Art Directors Club, The One Show, European Design Awards, Type Directors Club, Society of Publication Designers, HOW International, Print Magazine, and Communication Arts.