Colin Hesterly YG12

  • Current Location: Denver, USA

A Colorado native, Colin Hesterly has a uniquely keen view of the world around him. Inspired by a sense of wonder that has driven him since childhood, Colin began his career as a freelance artist for companies like Buck, Royale, and Imaginary Forces. His success as an artist and storyteller led him to become the Creative Director for Seattle-­based production house The Academy. During this time he produced 5 animated short films that each garnered a Vimeo Staff Pick label. He has also had the opportunity to create and develop content for companies like Disney, Nickelodeon, and Paramount Pictures. Colin, an avid lover of doughnuts and epic facial hair, now has the pleasure of spending his time working on the projects that mean the most to him.

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    Lovaganza 2015 is a beautiful worldwide event built upon the ideas of Unity, Peace & Abundance. A celebration of the world of tomorrow and a future filled with hope. Enjoy this exciting look into the upcoming World’s Fairesque event created by a talented group of dreamers.


    Direction, Story & Animation -­ Colin Hesterly Production -­ The Academy Art Direction -­ Dan Matutina Animation -­ Jordan Scott Score -­ Cyrille Marchesseau Sound Design -­ HEARby

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    Hammer & Hand

    Hammer & Hand follows the mysterious journey of one man creating something bigger and better than himself.


    Direction, Story, Art Direction & Compositing -­ Colin Hesterly Production -­ The Academy Animation -­ Yassir Rasan Score -­ Cyrille Marchesseau Sound Design -­ Julien Begault

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    When I Grow Up

    As a kid my imagination was my closest friend, and I spent a lot of time dreaming about my future. I wanted to explore the jungles like Indiana Jones, or search the oceans alongside Captain Nemo. Over time I caught on that these people were just fictional characters but that spirit of imagination and adventure never left. I eventually had to “grow up” and become an adult. So I pursued a career that was founded on the ideas of exploration and imagination. I chose to become a filmmaker.


    Direction, Story & Animation -­ Colin Hesterly Production -­ The Academy Score -­ Cyrille Marchesseau Sound Design -­ Brendan J. Hogan

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