Chris Cheung Hon Him YG11

  • Current Location: Hong Kong
  • Studio: XEX / XCEED

Chris Cheung (honhim) is a media artist and designer that focus on new media and interactive creation. His works including “The happiness of fish”, “Micro-Symphony”, “No Longer Write” and “Shang Da Ren” have won him awards in the IFVA (interactive media), Hong Kong Design Awards, Graphic Design in China 2011, Japan Applied Typography 2012 and Design for Asia awards. Recently, his installation work is selected to exhibit in MOCA Taipei and Hong Kong Heritage Museum. He founded XEX in 2007 and give direction on the design and artistic aspect. The works have been shown in cities including Italy, Argentina, Brazil and Russia, Asian cities like Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, Taiwan and Macau. He received the Young Artist Award in HKADC and Young Design Talent Awards from Hong Kong Design Centre in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Chris is also a composer/musician, has been working for films and TV commercials. He formed an electronic duo - VIM/ Volt in Music in 2008, and the group was selected as one of the top 10 Hong Kong indie band by Time Out Magazine and CNNGO.

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  • Project 1 of 3

    Flyknit Multiply

    Flyknit Multiply is an interactive art installation commissioned by Nike. It is designed for the Nike Flyknit feather pavilion at FOS Shanghai Stadium. It brought together visual arts, new technology and community expression and took this confluence to a new level. Inspired by the Nike new knitting technology, the real-time installation utilized bespoke digital computer codes, elegant analog descriptors and architecture spatial design to inspire unique real time portraits. It recorded over 180,000+ generative portrait retweet on the China social platform. Dimension: 10m curved LED wall, room-length trampoline and a real-time playback screen


    CD, D+AD: Chris Cheung (honhim) Code+Visual: Jason Lam TD: Jeff Wong PA+Video documentation: Claudia Ho Created by XEX GRP. Creative Collaborator: Eric+Marisa - ESKYIU ltd. Pavilion Architecture Designed by: Arthur Huang - Miniwiz

  • Project 2 of 3

    M21 Dotted Space

    M21 Dotted Space is an interactive installation designed for the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups new M21 media space. The concept is inspired from the kid’s game “connect the dots”. Vistors create their unique dots with their movement and it connects together to form wordings and generative pattern. Dimension: 6m + 3m projection wall


    CD, D+AD: Chris Cheung (honhim) Code+Visual: Jason Lam TD: Jeff Wong Created by XEX GRP

  • Project 3 of 3

    Farewell to the Sun

    A new media concert collaborated with Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra (HKCO). The following installations and generative visual projections are created base on the theme “5th cycle of the Mayan Calendar”. 1. Golden Spiral Startrack - mechanical light installation by honhim 2. Cymatic Machine – sonic visualization device + live projection images by Dan and Lauho 3. Resonance Seed – kinetic light installation by honhim and Jeff 4. The 4th and 5th Sun Age – wireless DMX lighting object by honhim, generative code and visual by Jason Lam and Kwan Kai 5. Parallax Aurora – wireless DMX laser installation by honhim


    Artistic Director: Chris Cheung (honhim) PM+VD: Dan Fong TD: Jason Lam, Jeff Wong PA: Sisi Lung XEX LAB.: Kwan Kai, Lau Ho Chi Steel Work: Wong Yu Ching Documentary: a Kai Tam, Claudia Ho and HKCO Created by XEX GRP. Special Thanks: Musician: Luk King Bun, Chen Yi-Wei Composer and Show Director: Bun Ng, Ho Shan

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