Chihiro Konno YG13

  • Current Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Originally From: Japan
  • Studio: PARTY

Chihiro Konno is a designer and art director in Tokyo, Japan. Prior to joining creative lab PARTY in 2011, she earned her Bachelor's degree in Design Informatics at Musashino Art University in Tokyo, and Master’s Degree in Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University in the U.K. through the Paul Smith Scholarship. Chihiro focuses on creating new ways of making graphic design tangible and physical, and works across multiple fields including digital, space design, product design and films. The tools and materials she uses for her work range from paper, pencil, and her computer, to bamboo, bicycle, bubblegum, chocolate, clay, cookies, LCD displays, lights, stones, and textiles. To fuel her mind and maintain a fresh pair of eyes, she makes time for exploring the world from her desk as well as in different corners of the globe. Chihiro has been recognized by awards such as D&AD, One Show Design, Prix Émile Hermès, Good Design Award (JP).

Portfolio Imagery:

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    Narita International Airport Terminal 3

    Narita International Airport Terminal 3 is exclusively for LCC (low-cost carriers). Precise-ly so, we focused on creating a completely "low-cost airport" with the architecture and design. The budget for constructing this terminal was approximately half of the usual amount. Due to costs, we could not to install the typical moving walkways or illuminated signs. Instead, to offer an exciting walking experience that is easy on the feet, we im-plemented running tracks used for track and field, and added signage for user-friendly guidance. The key to the architecture and design is "more than 2 into 1." Consolidating two or more functionalities into one in pursuit of economic reasonability. In short, treasuring designs "with a twist without spending a lot of money." Also, we decided on Muji furniture for the lounge areas. The simplicity in Muji design is perfectly suited to Terminal 3's concept. It would be our great honor if Narita International Airport Termi-nal 3 is frequently used and forever loved by economically savvy travelers.


    PARTY + Nikken Sekkei Ltd. + MUJI

  • Project 2 of 3


    “MAKE MUJI” is a DIY style experience at the Shibuya MUJI store. By cycling the inter-active bicycle, you can send Valentine’s day chocolate gift to your loved one who waits at the table. All the devices were made of MUJI products.


    Creative Director + Art Director + Copy Writer: Naoki Ito Designers: Taro Shinozuka + Chihiro Konno Assistant Director: Hajime Baba Animator: Chihiro Konno Production Producer: Masa Kimura Space Designer: Takeo Kitazawa + Chihiro Konno Product Designer: Tamio Hayashi Divice Developers: Kanta Horio + Tomoaki Yanagisawa Divice Developer: Hiroyuki Hori Producers: Tamotsu Osano + Masaki Endo Project managers: Tomohiro Morishita+ Rumiko Nango

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    To communicate the message, "Shiseido’s cosmetics make every life colorful and every moment moving." Our idea was to give a modern twist to the stained glass window, and tell colorful stories by capturing moments in the way stained glass has been for centu-ries. We created "moving stained glass” experiences: an installation at the Shiseido Head Office Building in Ginza, and a website. For the physical installation, we dissembled semi-transparent LCD monitors to recreate the vibrancy and textures of stained glass. When passersby stand in front the installa-tion and have their selfie taken, the photographed images are transformed into stained glass. On the website version, photos on the Facebook timeline are selected according to the time of posting and occasions, and displayed on the windows of the handmade minia-ture "stained glass house" model. Users could experience these moments via live-streaming.


    Creative Directors: Masato Kosukegawa + Hiroki Nakamura Art Directors: Masaki Hanahara + Chihiro Konno Designers: Chihiro Konno Copywriters: Yuko Yokoyama + Mandy Wang Technical Directors: Matthew Fargo Interaction Designers: Sohei Kitada + Akira Iwaya System Engineer: Yoshiaki Kawazu Hardware Director: Masato Tsutsui Hardware Engineer: Yang Ishigaki Fabricator: Keita Ichiba Motion Designer: Hajime Baba Music Creator: Satoshi Murai

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