Cedric Kiefer YG11

  • Current Location: Berlin
  • Studio: www.onformative.com

Cedric Kiefer works as an artist and designer in Berlin. Together with Julia Laub in 2010 he founded onformative, a design studio specialized in generative art and design. For him the generative design process presents a new way of thinking and a new approach on how to bring ideas to life in a more effective and efficient way. At the intersection of design, technology and art he develops innovative, cross-media solutions for customers in the domains of culture, economical and education that ranges from data visualizations to interactive installations to experimental generative art projects. Among others, his projects has been shown at Ars Electronica, MoCA Montreal and MoDA China. Besides that he teaches interaction design at HAWK Hildesheim and works as author for Weave Magazine.

Portfolio Imagery:

  • Project 1 of 3

    Immaterials – the form of meta data

    This project is the fictional illustration of digital data in an urban environment. Using the light painting technique and long time exposure, we placed our idea of these data in a room, making it haptic. The resulting forms depict possible data sets and examine the design possibilities between technoid holograms and personal notes.


    Cedric Kiefer, Christopher Warnow

  • Project 2 of 3

    unnamed soundsculpture

    The body – constant and indefinite at the same time – »bursts« the space already with its mere physicality, creating a first distinction between the self and its environment. Only the body movements create a reference to the otherwise invisible space. The basic idea of the project is built upon the consideration of creating a moving sound sculpture from the recorded motion data of a real person performing to a music piece, Kreukeltape by Machinefabriek. Using 3 different microsoft kinect cameras the movement of the dancer was recorded into 3d pointclouds that were synced and exported as one large dataset to be loaded into 3ds max for further rendering and creation of the soundsculpture animation.


    Cedric Kiefer, Daniel Franke, Laura Keil (Dancer)

  • Project 3 of 3

    Montblanc Generative Artworks

    350 individual generative artworks generated for the relaunch of the Montblanc Webshop. These unique artworks are created based on product specifications, using a custom built application. The product specifications, i.e. the DNA of the individual products, determine the specific appearance of the stage set; each product, thus, creates its own variation of the generative artwork following the rules of its artist.


    Cedric Kiefer, Christopher Warnow, Jens Fischer (Sound)

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