Catherine McCurry YG12

  • Current Location: Brooklyn, USA
  • Studio: Floating Point Collective/Wieden + Kennedy

Catherine McCurry is a creative technologist and artist whose work probes the boundaries of possibility, conceivability and the bizarre through multiple media, including performance, video, sound, and installation. She invents worlds that contain hypothetical technologies, and modified rules of reality, and invites performers, or viewers to interact with them. Catherine trained as a classical violinist at the New England Conservatory, and graduated from MIT in 2007, where she studied Physics and Music Composition. In 2008 she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to pursue Multimedia Performance in residence at the UdK Berlin. In 2012 she received a masters degree at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts in the Interactive Telecommunications Program. Currently, she is a creative technologist at Wieden+Kennedy New York where she creates custom software, electronics, and interactive work. She is also a founding member of the Floating Point Art Collective and has been recognized by the D&AD and ADC.

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  • Project 1 of 3


    LANscapes is an interactive installation that allows participants to collaboratively build a virtual world with their gestures and movements through space. The piece is an expression of life lived in a post-physical world. A world in which spaces, places and communities increasingly exist purely as data online, in the “cloud”. Open-source and crowd sourced-communities on the internet are influenced by, yet independent from, the physical world, intersecting occasionally. The internet has become a kind of virtual reality, made up of shifting cities and ephemeral architecture that we sculpt with our engagement.


    Concept, Software, Installation, 3D Modeling and Printing: Floating Point Collective (Catherine McCurry, Jack Kalish, Gabriella Levine)

  • Project 2 of 3


    Privaseat is an experiment created for Delta Airlines that addresses noise pollution in a novel way. Using a microphone, custom software, and a highly focused ultrasonic speaker (audio spotlight), it creates an personal sonic environment that can be experienced without the use of headphones.


    Client: Delta Agency: Wieden + Kennedy NY Production: Thinking Box Sound Design: Q Department Involvement: Concept, Design, Creative & Art Direction, Software Development

  • Project 3 of 3

    The Photon Shower

    The Photon Shower is an interactive installation, and concept product that debuted at the 2013 TED Conference in Long Beach California. Working with Oxford Professor Russell Foster, we leveraged recent discoveries in ophthalmology and neuroscience to design and fabricate a device that diagnoses, and remedies jet lag using light.


    Client: Delta Agency: Wieden + Kennedy NY Production: Nexus Interactive Arts Sound Design: Q Department Involvement: Concept, Design, Creative & Art Direction

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