Ben Sandler YG12

  • Current Location: Amsterdam, NL / Paris, France
  • Studio: Bonsoir Paris

Working at the intersection of art, technology, and fashion, Ben Sandler is an image-maker and producer concentrating on crafting concept-driven narratives through photography, film, and interactive media. Born in Israel, Ben spent his formative years growing up in the Arizona desert. After earning a BA in Philosophy, he moved to Paris to study visual arts at Gobelins, l'école de l'image. Later, he spent the better part of a year at Wieden+Kennedy's creative incubator in Amsterdam, The Kennedy’s. Since then, he works between Paris and Amsterdam on image-based and interactive projects for clients including Sonia Rykiel, Nike Tennis, It’s Nice That, Hermès, and Carrera. He currently works at the creative agency and collective, Bonsoir Paris.

Portfolio Imagery:

  • Project 1 of 3

    Artificial Intelligence

    An editorial shot for the French-based Snatch Magazine, playing on the concept of a humanised AI and her improbable materialisation.


    Art Direction + Concept : Bonsoir Paris Styling: Léa Taleb & Laura D. Sainteff Hair and Makeup : Audrey Robion

  • Project 2 of 3


    An editorial story on the subject of human movement, for the Fall 2013 issue of the French publication, Blast Magazine.


    Stylist: Ines Fendri Hair: Jonathan Dadoun Make-up: Sess Boudebesse Post-Production: Elodie @ PIXUS

  • Project 3 of 3


    Badlands was born out of an innate fascination with the surreal desert landscapes outside of the metropolis of Phoenix, Arizona. This netherworld of eroded rocks and rusted soil is seemingly extraterrestrial - jagged mountainous zigzags criss-cross Pre-cambrian mounds, marked stratum of eons of evolution, degradation, and rebirth, intertwined with the endlessly blue Arizona sky. The Painted Desert - as it is known - is a land full of the remnants of a previously lush and fertile environment, now dried up and succumbed to the harshness of the arid atmosphere and unforgiving sun. The sweeping colors, immense spread of land, mountains eroding into flowing waves of sand and pebble - indeed, it seems that it is a glimpse from another world.


    Conception with Zeitguised 3D: Zeitguised Retouching: Fred Witzgall

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