Adi Goodrich YG11

  • Current Location: Los Angeles, CA

Adi Goodrich grew up in the rural Midwest constantly tag teaming with her father who was ½ semi truck mechanic ½ woodworker. She attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she spent her time exploring in various departments; Art History, Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture and Architectural Preservation. Adi now runs a set design studio in downtown Los Angeles and makes all of her sets in house and by hand.

Portfolio Imagery:

  • Project 1 of 3

    Dale Earnhardt Jr

    Set Design and art direction for Dale Earnhardt Jr’s promotional photos.


    Photography by JUCO Label: Warner Bros. Records

  • Project 2 of 3

    Native Shoes

    Art Direction and Set Design for Native Shoes Spring/Summer 2013 Catalogue


    Photography by Stephanie Gonot

  • Project 3 of 3

    Cast & Combed

    Set Design and hand marbled papers for Cast & Combed’s look book.


    Photography: JUCO

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