Yves Geleyn YG7

  • Current Location: PARIS
  • Originally From: France
  • Studio: HORNET inc

A true hybrid, Yves Geleyn was brought into the world via the love of a German lady and a French man in Reading, England (of all forgotten places). After this unfortunate false start in life and the fact that burning wax crayons and making hand paintings was his most loathed past time activity, our dear little Yves landed in Paris, the capital of culture. Here, surrounded by the delights of a rich artistic history, he embarked upon a flourishing early career in....rugby! Position: Lock no 04. Well, he is six foot two! Obviously the rigorous and strict education of playing with the oval ball had him standing in good stead; and after a brief moment when he set his sights on becoming a French chef extraordinaire, he finally took on the less fattening option of becoming a graphic designer. Yves studied art in Paris and started as a freelance graphic designer, mainly doing print, poster designs, book and CD covers, but also noticeably a few installations and signage for large museums and other cultural establishments. But it is with animation that Yves fully began expressing himself. Soot Giant, a story of a long-legged giant that wanders the street at dusk, was one of his first animated creations that completely turned him towards motion. Since then he continues developing his style on other projects like Kotori (a fabric Haïku), Dandelions (an ode to nature and rebirth), and Zune (a funny tale about the search for the greatest Mother’s Day gift). W ith La Gaîté Lyrique, Yves pushed his imagination even further. This lyrical mystery piece with enigmatic weightless forms and a bestiary of magic creatures, gives a new dimension to his work. Very recently, Yves launched is new short film " Colosse a Wood tale" a beautifully handcrafted little story about a giant robot and and a Bird. Each of Yves? projects shows us his sensibility, his delicacy and poetry. His references are numerous: Japan, nature, animals, paintings and especially birds (which are present in all of his productions). Yves is used to saying he is not a director but a storyteller; for story and characters are the most important things to him. With a love of mixing various techniques, Yves has found that the technique is always only there to serve the story. Textures, colors, forms, patterns, illustration, CG, paper cutouts and traditional animation are all his giant toolbox that he likes to unpack and use, as the project develops and grows. Yves constantly surprises us with his new projects, all a delightful expression of this true hybrid in motion.

Portfolio Imagery:

  • Project 1 of 5


    Set to the tranquil, melodious song Come As You Were, by The Bird and The Bee, the short stars a young beaver who is whiling away the time on a tree trunk. When a red cardinal flutters in and pecks at his shoulder, the beaver is jolted out of lassitude, and begins his search for a Mother’s Day gift.

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    The sight of a tree stump does not stop a resourceful bird in this short animation by Yves Geleyn.

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    When Jérome Delormas, artistic director of La Gaîté Lyrique, approached Yves Geleyn, he knew exactly what he wanted. Delormas wanted La Gaîté’s first digital production to present a subjective and poetic image of the future space. He gave Yves the technical plans that presented the physical space of the new La Gaîté, however he didn’t want a virtual walkthrough of the space. Rather Delormas wished to offer dream and entertainment, a whole new experience — an insight into the La Gaîté project that would be inspirational. Yves was commissioned to make this dreamlike teaser for La Gaîté prior to the actual opening in March 2011. He was given complete artistic freedom to create a piece that would embody the spirit of this future venue for art and technology. For Yves, the work had to evoke the technological potential of the space, its incredible dimensions, without being a representative scale model. The virtual visit was to be sensory, immersive and emotive. If it makes reference to the history of the venerable Offenbachian theatre, long fallen into disuse, it’s only through allusions and metaphors. The film, completely infused with the shadowy and naïve world of the French director, is full of enigmas and references, in particular, to Kabuki and baroque and Italian theatre. A bestiary of strange creatures, with fur, beaks and feathers, make an appearance, and then we magically find ourselves in enigmatic spaces. Halfway between the abstract and the figurative, the film maintains a subtle balance between light and shadows, paper and mineral reflections, wood and metal, sound and silence. The 3D made by One More Production isn’t so much realistic as emotional. It’s all about fluttering, halos and apparitions, bathed in the wonderful soundscapes of Marc Teitler and Bernd Norbert Wuertz. It’s thanks to the alchemy of these mysterious elements that Yves has succeeded in evoking the soul of La Gaîté Lyrique whilst making reference to its technological promise, all without abandoning the poetry that underlies his work.

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    Meet Colosse, Yves Geleyn's sweet 30-foot child. Now, Colosse isn't your ordinary child—he just so happens to be a very tall, wood robot puppet who doesn’t know his own strength, much less what his strings are up to. In this short film, Yves explores his childhood obsession with puppets and all things robotic.

  • Project 5 of 5


    A friendly long legged giant wanders the streets at dusk, feeding on soot from chimneys and blowing sparkling streams of flame into the cold night air.

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