Stewart Smith YG7

  • Current Location: New York
  • Originally From: United States
  • Studio: Stewdio


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    trans_actions: The Accelerated Art World 1989—09

    A twenty year window on the rapidly expanding art world. trans_actions is a panoramic data visualization that illustrates the dramatic increase in the number of biennales of contemporary art and the rapid expansion of the art market following the end of the cold war. Visitors enter a large panoramic projection room bathed in animated data representing artists, curators, biennales, and market fluctuations. (Panoramic video projection, 8192 × 1024 at 25 fps. Approximate running time twenty-five minutes.) Video documentation of the installation space courtesy of ZKM. Created by collaborators Stewart Smith, Robert Gerard Piertrusko and Bernd Lintermann for The Global Contemporary: Art Worlds After 1989 exhibition at the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe, Germany. Commissioned by the ZKM Institute for Visual Media in cooperation with the Global Art and the Museum (GAM) team lead by renowned art historians Hans Belting and Andrea Buddensieg. Audio compositions by ZKM’s Institute for Music and Acoustics team lead by director Ludger Brümmer. trans_actions was created with Bronson, a data animation framework initially developed by Stewdio and Warning Office for Exit (2008) at the Fondation Cartier in Paris. Rewritten from the ground up, Bronson also powered Under Vine (2010) at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The writing of trans_action’s narratives was a collaborative effort while the design and coding duties were shared between Stewdio and Warning Office. In addition to creating visuals, Stewdio developed the trans_actions database structure and a light-weight content management system for the GAM team to interface with the database. The panoramic projection system was created by Bernd Lintermann who also—as always—acted as a guiding light and voice of reason.

  • Project 2 of 5

    Code Play

    Small talk about the intersection of art, design, and software illustrated through Stewdio works.

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    Under Vine

    Data visualization describing shifts in the global wine market. Under Vine visualizes wine market data from the 1970’s through today—emphasizing the shift from European centrism to the rapid expansion of global trade networks following the 1976 Judgement of Paris during which American wines outperformed their French counterparts in a blind tasting. Created by Robert Gerard Pietrusko of Warning Office and Stewart Smith of Stewdio. Audio by Hans-Christoph Steiner. Narrative by Erin Hyman and the artists. Built with Processing. Designed using the Bronson framework; a data animation tool created by Stewdio and Warning Office. Running time approximately five minutes. Premiered at SFMOMA’s autumn 2010 exhibition How Wine Became Modern: Design + Wine 1976 to Now.

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    Jed’s Other Poem

    Jed’s Other Poem is a music video for Grandaddy’s song of the same name. Jeddy-3, a humanoid robot built from spare parts, is a recurring character on Grandaddy’s record The Sophtware Slump. The affection of Jed’s creators for their brainchild wanes as their shifting attention migrates to new inventions. In a state of despair the gloomy Jed drinks himself into a permanent shutdown. According to Grandaddy, before Jed’s system crashed he would write poems. Poems for no one. This song, Jed’s Other Poem (Beautiful Ground), is one of those poems’serving as an elegy for the emotionally neglected and now departed Jeddy-3. This music video was created by programming simple text animations on a vintage 1979 Apple ][+ computer; a computer so old that it is only equipped with 48K of RAM (far less than your mobile phone), contains no hard drive or mouse, and only types in majuscules. Music by Grandaddy. Video concept and execution by Stewart Smith. Cinematography by Jeff Bernier. Following the video’s release Stewdio posted the source code for download making this the first open-source music video. Enthusiasts have experimented with the code on Apple II emulators and it has even inspired a fan-made video for the post-punk anthem Up the Down Escalator by The Chameleons. In May of 2010 Panic Inc. loaded the source code via an iPad onto their vintage Apple //e to create their own video.

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    Browser Pong

    Browser Pong is a traditional Pong game played not in a browser window, but *with* browser windows.


    Audio by Dominic Matar:

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