Stephan Walter YG9

  • Current Location: Zurich
  • Originally From: Switzerland
  • Studio: Stephan Walter

Stephan Walter lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland where he was born in 1982. Stephan started work in the graphic design world at an advertising agency. During his time at the agency he made up his mind that the only way for him to express his passion in graphic design was for him to become self-employed! Stephan studied Graphic and Media Design at the F&F School for Art and Media Design. After graduating, Stephan pursued his dream. He worked for the F&F School, Freitag AG and for some local bands from Zurich. During this time he was resolving his own style and approach. He quickly developed his own picture language by learning a lot of techniques related to handling alternative design softwares. A year after graduating, Stephan flew to New York to conduct research and development work with Stefan Sagmeister. Stephan has now practiced for seven years as an independent illustrator and graphic designer trading under his own name. Over the last seven years he has worked for many clients including David Byrne & Brian Eno, Wired Magazine, Time Out New York, Vodafone, Volkswagen, ESPN, die Zeit, Levis, Sagmeister Inc., Elle and many more. Stephan also teaches and lectures at schools for design, mainly in his beloved discipline: Typography and Illustration. With his design and illustration work Stephan has won several international design prizes like the ADC Young Guns 2011. The Artwork for David Byrne was honoured with a Grammy. Stephan wants to give you Printed Love.

Portfolio Imagery:

  • Project 1 of 5

    Varoom Magazine Cover

    Cover Illustration for the nice Varoom Magazine

  • Project 2 of 5


    in februar 2012 i’ve made this advertising illustration for vodafone ireland in cooperation with grey worldwide, london. it was a really nice experience to work for susch a big brand and working more in an advertising style. like very often i wouldn’t first choose this colour combinations- i had a lot of fancy versions smile. but now i am quite happy with them… anyway, i hope you irish guys out there liked the ad., and hey! you have a really cheap mobile provider! lucky guys. also i would like to thank simon brotherson as beeing a great art director and to vodafone for going an illustrative way. i am ready to do more advertising!


    art direction: simon brotherson grey worldwide, london

  • Project 3 of 5

    Skullcandy Headphones

    Skullcandy asked me to do an Wall Illustration for the new European Headquater in Zurich. Also i've did an Illustration for an Artist Serie Headphone


    mayn thanks to spinach & Butterflies, Paris.

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    Standard Hotels

    winkreative from london asked me to do an artwork for their pitch for the standard hotel group. my idea was to build not that fancy places like a jungle shack, a tree house a trailer etc etc. in combination with the slogan. wherever it is we’re going. it’s where we want to be. so fo the pitch i decide to build an jungle shack and put some signs around that fit to the company. unhappuly the client choosed a total different campaign. art direktion: winkreative, petek sketcher

  • Project 5 of 5


    Zürich’s department of culture asked me to create a flyer and a poster for their “stadtsommer” (city sommer) events. The very nice event provides seven artists with the chance to play a concert at various different places around town. I made a f4 poster which spells “stadtsommer”. I decided to arrange the letters that if you turn the poster upside down it says “sommerstadt”. I thought this would be a nice twist as there is no stadtsommer without Sommer (summer) and also because stadtsommer turns the city into sommerstadt. Quite fancy. Because I thought it to be boring to repeat the artwork for the flyer, I decided to let the letters fall to ground, including all signs, etc. There is also a website with the same letters in yet another – more landscape-style – arrangement including a nice colour animation.

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