Soren Luckins YG5

  • Current Location: Melbourne
  • Originally From: Australia
  • Studio: Buro North

Soren is a pioneer and advocate of the multidisciplinary design model in Australia. Primarily interested in the execution of innovative ideas, Soren is focused on the fusion of creativity and pragmatics and balancing the demands of both to ensure exceptional outcomes.

Portfolio Imagery:

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    Royal Children’s Hospital

    The Royal Children’s Hospital provided a unique opportunity to evolve the traditional paradigm of health facility wayfinding. Büro North took an evidence-based approach collecting research in the form of staff and patient surveys, interviews and observation techniques to understand adult versus child wayfinding ability and to identify issues relating specifically to health environments such as patrons with English as a second language and the use of confusing and intimidating clinical terminology. The wayfinding solution at the new Royal Children’s Hospital focuses on the integration of landmarks at key navigational decision points, the primary objective being to create journeys that are easily describable, in a simple sentence, using basic English. The Büro North team collaborated with illustrator Jane Reiseger to develop the wayfinding strategy. Together we created a fun and lyrical pictorial signage system that likens the RCH to the natural world. As patients move through different floors in the hospital their journey takes them from “underground” at the lower ground levels through to “sky” on the top floor. Importantly, the wayfinding solution was subjected to rigorous testing prior to building occupation. The resulting wayfinding system makes a significant contribution to placing the RCH at the forefront of international healthcare design.

  • Project 2 of 5

    The Otherwise Project

    Büro North recently completed the branding, identity and stationery package for Project Otherwise. Project Otherwise is an organisation developed as a network for ideas about living differently for a sustainable future. It brings young and enthusiastic people together online and in person to make the connections that help bridge the gap between sustainable ideas and action. We developed a visual identity for the client that would communicate the networks key philosophy of connection and exchange. A custom designed typeface was created to produce a unique identity that could be used for stationary, business cards and rolled out across the organisation’s website.

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    Australian Centre for the Moving Image

    As a world leading cultural centre, ACMI champions the moving image as a part of our daily lives. As such it needs to meet the needs of all elements of society, and promote the moving image in all its forms. Recent changes to the architectural layout of ACMI, and the addition of major new exhibition and research facilities, demanded a thorough review of wayfinding at the site. The wayfinding strategy focused on developing a detailed understanding of user profiles, their behaviour and abilities, as well as the operational requirements of ACMI. The strategy focused on a major audit of the site and its context, focusing on pedestrian behaviour within Federation Square, on major approaches from public transport and Flinders Street. The project highlighted the value that Büro North can bring to complex environments, identifying patterns in apparently random navigational behaviour and driving an evidence based design solution.

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    685 LaTrobe

    Looking to set themselves apart from the plethora of “exclusively” themed properties on the market, Charter Hall engaged Büro North to create an accessible, friendly and open branding strategy that reflected the truly humanistic approach of this project. Collaborating with Something Splendid and Squint Opera, an interface was specifically tailored to communicate the relaxed yet sophisticated environment cultivated by the developers. The use of an iPad application allows for a unique insight into the building that is unmatched in the current market. We designed a user friendly interface supported by video and animation that delivers something that a brochure can’t - personality, interaction, and a tailored view of the building that specifically responds to the modern tenants needs.

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    85 Castlereagh Street

    Büro North worked closely with John Wardle Architects to develop a wayfinding strategy and design concept that enabled users to navigate the expansive lobby space at the new 77-85 Castlereagh Street development in Sydney. The brief called for a clear solution in helping users identify between the two high rise buildings which share a connecting lobby area. Büro North pushed the usual signage conventions by integrating and manipulating the existing surfaces rather than introducing additional faces to display information.The facades were stripped back, displaced and revealed to create a signage system that respects the environment by celebrating the materials and forms developed by the architects. Büro North’s role consequently required a deep and thorough understanding of the architect’s interiors package and a high level of involvement with consultants and builders during the documentation phases. The result is seamlessly integrated and beautifully reductive signage and wayfinding solution for one of Sydney’s premier business addresses.

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