Rimantas Lukavičius YG8

  • Current Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Originally From: Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Studio: KORB

Rimantas is a director and founder of KORB. During architecture and photo/media studies he began to work on various motion designs, focused on strictly aesthetic impressions. In 2007 Rimantas started digital filmmaking and design company KORB.

Rimantas and his team’s works were recognized by various festivals - Resfest, Onedotzero, Semi-Permanent, KTR Festival to name but a few. Circuito Off festival recently awarded KORB with special prize - screening at Centre Pompidou in Paris (2013).

KORB was honored to work for worldwide brands as MTV, Formula 1, Discovery USA (SCI Channel). Their spot for Coca-Cola Contest received incredible nods from the public – the video was viewed online more than 150 000 times during first two weeks. With over 1 million views on Vimeo KORB continues to explore the boundaries of multi-platform world. Latest projects have been featured in most influential magazines and internet blogs – Fubiz, Stash , Ventilate, Motionographer, Style Sight (Japan ) to name but a few.

By producing diverse digital and live action content company helps clients to tell innovative stories and implement powerful ideas. KORB provides a wide range of services including direction, design, animation, VFX and live action. While preferring to handle the whole production from concept art to final piece, company can get involved at any given stage.

KORB is now represented by award winning film and interactive production company STINK in UK, Germany, India and China, by Paranoid in Brazil.

Portfolio Imagery:

  • Project 1 of 5

    SHOWREEL 2012


    Music: “Mojave”, by Kangding Ray

  • Project 2 of 5

    GALE | Short Film

    It is not known exactly how sound spreads on other planets. ECHOLAB sent a series of audio signals into space which caused a phenomenal feedback from the Red planet (northwestern part of the Aeolis Quadrangle at 5.4°S, 137.8°E).


    Director: Rimantas Lukavičius VFX / Design company: KORB Sound Design & Final Mix: ECHOLAB Year of completion: 2012

  • Project 3 of 5

    INFINITY WATER | Case Study

    "Infinity Water" is a journey through physical properties of the most abundant compound on Earth's surface. Exploring the interaction between colorless, odorless liquid and music, discovering the infinity encoded in water's memory.


    Director: Rimantas Lukavičius VFX / Design company: KORB Music: Turquoise Hexagon Sun - Boards Of Canada Piano Cover by Goldmund http://warp.net/ Sound Design & Final Mix: ECHOLAB Year of completion: 2011

  • Project 4 of 5

    Coca-Cola | Contest

    Dancing Coca-Cola bottles have been leaping inside our computers quite a long time. We created this Coca-Cola promo film for Eyeka co-creation community contest in 2010. As there were no scenario restrictions we decided to withdraw this massively popular product from a traditional soft drink's setting and interpreted it just as a well-recognizable object, red topped white glass bottle with brown drink inside. This is what happens when legendary image meets sounds of the harp in sterile neutral space. Note: This is not official video.


    Director: Rimantas Lukavičius Camera / DOP: Rolandas Leonavičius VFX / Design Company: KORB nCloth concepts: BlackPixels Harp: Vilija Grencevičiūtė Music Company: Audionerve Production support: STRICTLY PRODUCTION Year of completion: 2010 - 2011

  • Project 5 of 5

    MTVNHD Speaker | TV Ident


    Client: MTV Networks Polska Director: Rimantas Lukavičius Creative: John Kwoka Production manager: Agnieszka Klys VFX / Design Company: KORB Music Company: ECHOLAB Composer, Sound Designer: Gavin Little Production support: STRICTLY PRODUCTION Year of completion: 2010

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