Mikey Burton YG8

  • Current Location: Philadelphia
  • Originally From: United States
  • Studio: Nopants, Freelance

An Ohio native, Mikey Burton proudly describes his design aesthetic as “Midwesterny” and draws much of his inspiration from artifacts found throughout the hardworking, blue collar Rust Belt: old type-specimen sheets, arcane equipment manuals and ancient textbooks. Burton has received awards from Communication Arts, Graphis, HOW, Print and ADC Young Guns. He is now a freelancer in sunny Philadelphia where he designs and illustrates for such clients as The New York Times, The Atlantic, Newsweek, GOOD, Nike, Wired, Facebook and you.

Portfolio Imagery:

  • Project 1 of 5

    Live With Art

    Letterpress interpretation of Jen Bekman's slogan "Live with art, It's good for you!" Art print produced exclusively for 20x200. Created entirely from antique wood type and ornaments.


    AD: Keith Berger

  • Project 2 of 5

    Division of Labor Identity

    Division of Labor is a creative and strategic brand studio. They write, direct and produce content to promote brands across all media platforms.


    AD: Josh Denberg and Paul Hirsch

  • Project 3 of 5

    Facebook F8 Table

    Illustration for f8, the Facebook developers conference. This was a 6 foot long illustration printed digitally on a glass table. The whole theme of the conference was rolling up your sleeves and getting it done… hence all the tools.


    AD: Ben Barry

  • Project 4 of 5

    Real Simple illustrations

    Why We Are In Debt


    AD: Alexandra Mooney

  • Project 5 of 5

    Live Now

    Live Now: Artful Messages of Hope, Happiness & Healing by Eric Smith, a collection of inspiring, illustrated quotations drawn by designers and illustrators from around the world.


    AD: Eric Smith

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