Justin Meredith YG6

  • Current Location: New York
  • Originally From: United States
  • Studio: Thornberg & Forester

Justin is driven by the genuine, emotive power of extraordinary images. This passion fuels his quest to strike intuitive balances between beauty, original thought and unpredictability. Whether he communicates through a film, still photograph or design, he’s fully committed to upholding a leading standard of quality. As an accomplished director and founding partner of digital production company, Thornberg & Forester, he’s charged with ensuring that T&F remains a hub for creative innovation. T&F was built from a collective vision to provide a protective enclave for like-minded artists and to respectfully honor and foster their talents. Justin has designed and directed a diverse body of work for a vast array of clientele including spots for Target, AICP, Microsoft Zune, Conservation International, the network launch of Discovery Channel’s Planet Green and branding materials for the Playstation 3 Network. His work has also appeared in the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of Art and the Tokyo Auto Show. Justin has received awards from the BDA, One Show, Print Magazine and ADC Young Guns 7.

Portfolio Imagery:

  • Project 1 of 5

    Fisker Karma Interactive Wall

    We were recently tasked with a very exciting and unique creative challenge; to design and literally fabricate a portable, interactive video wall experience to showcase the ground breaking qualities of the innovative, new American automobile brand, Fisker. As you will soon see, Fisker is truly the first of it’s kind—a hybrid vehicle that makes no compromise on design and performance. Fisker released it’s first premium plug-in hybrid luxury automobile; The Fisker Karma. The video wall is to become the highlight at Fisker Karma launch events across the globe. The structure we designed is comprised of four large screens. We simultaneously wrote and directed four films that embrace the quadrants of each screen as well as utilize the lot for “full screen” user immersion. The Fisker Karma experience is helmed by a kiosk-mounted iPad installed with a custom app we designed and programmed. The app allows users to navigate through the films and includes a QR code (to be used with a smart phone) that allows users to digitally submit their e-mail addresses to receive further information about the vehicle. Each of our four films reveals how a specific element of Karma has been influenced (and informed) by the forces of nature. Custom music and sound design further supports Fisker’s authentically beautiful and powerful brand message. The first film, “Karma,” is a brand anthem piece. The second film, “Wind,” showcases the sustainable, performance-based triumphs of the Fisker Karma. ’sun‘ discusses the vehicle’s solar-powered roof technology, energy absorption and distribution. And finally, “Earth,” focuses on the Karma’s incredible design attributes and aesthetics. To celebrate this elaborate creative feat, we put a film together that helps outline our initial challenges and punctuates each with our clear, impactful solutions. Please enjoy.

  • Project 2 of 5

    Produce! Webisode Series

    Did you know that when George Bush Senior was president he banned broccoli from all formal White House dinners; that there are almost 150 different kinds of squash; that the eggplant and pomegranate are actually berries; or that Egyptians fed garlic to slaves to make them stronger? By presenting fascinating facts like these together with brilliant ways to choose, use, and store these natural super-foods, a fun, new 10-episode series from award-winning design and digital production company Thornberg & Forester (T&F) called “Produce!” that’s now appearing on CookingChannel.com aims to entertain viewers and make them produce masters. Executive produced by Elizabeth Kiehner and directed by Justin Meredith T&F and crew captured 160 shots needed for 10 episodes, and virtually every take was used in the final edits. Working with culinary expert Krista Ruane and many other key talents added to T&F’s team, scripts were meticulously researched and written to present an engaging balance of facts and humor. Design language from T&F’s Hollywood-based, Kyle Hurley, set the visual tone for the series. Since capturing original live-action footage was vital for each episode, T&F shot at the Food Network stages in New York City. Editing, illustration, design, compositing, color-grading and finishing all occurred at T&F’s studio in Union Square.


    Director Justin Meredith Food DP Krista Ruane Executive Producer Elizabeth Kiehner Producer Javier Gonzalez Technical Director Vi Nguyen Designer Kyle Hurley, Adam Grabowski, Keith Endow Animator Kyle Hurley, Adam Grabowski, Keith Endow, Ken Krueger Editor Sam Goetz, Emily Sheskin Asst Editor Kyle Mumford Voice Over Talent Scott Gentle Color Correct Lee Eaton Sound Mix Jesse Thomson

  • Project 3 of 5

    GE Winter Olympics

    Building on Thornberg & Forester’s past interactive campaigns with GE, T&F collaborated with BBDO on creating a groundbreaking digital out-of-home campaign based on the look created by 3D artist Bryan Christie for GE's Advanced Imaging sponsorship of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. T&F’s 3D renders capture precisely the beauty of real athletes in motion through a look inside the bodies of four types of Olympic competitors: a snowboarder, a speed skater, a figure skater and a downhill skier. The result is a flawless, elegant work of art and science that captures GE as the leader in innovative health technology, products, and services and proud sponsor of the 2010 Olympic Games.

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    This short piece captures the vibrant energy and enthusiasm of the longboarding community in New York City — a different culture than skateboarding. This exploration of the sport is framed by the enormous, exciting 2010 Broadway Bomb race. The event began in 2000 and is still the city’s biggest longboarding event. Mike Dallas, a partner at the skate store Bustin, speaks of the race as a means to find the city’s “strongest, fastest traffic skater.” The piece introduces longboarding in a fun, dynamic way, as the camera and viewers glide through the city along with the skaters, who skillfully weave in and out of traffic. Through this short film we attempted to pass on the stories of individual skaters and longboard enthusiasts, watch people do what they love to do, witness a positive community vibe, and have a fun time.

  • Project 5 of 5

    AICP Conference Open

    T&F was honored to design the opening titles, interstitials, and end credits for the AICP 2008 awards show held at the Museum of Modern Art. The innovative 3D type-based title sequence captures the aura of the world’s most famous modern museum through a mesmerizing and gracefully choreographed 3D symphony of letters. As a bonus, T&F’s work for the 2008 show is now preserved in the permanent archives of MoMA’s Department of Film and Media.


    Co-Directed with Scott Matz Technical Director / Lead 3D Linas Jodwalis

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