Josip Kelava YGX

  • Current Location: Melbourne
  • Originally From: Croatia
  • Studio: Josip Kelava

When I graduated from Swinburne Faculty of Design, I remember what my university teacher said to me and has inspired me ever since. She said, “The worst thing a designer can do is not get noticed.” And from those words, I realized that it wasn’t so much about making something look good, but creating an emotional response that meant more than just a pretty picture. With this motivation, I continued to push myself to make my work bold, confident and memorable. After working for 5 years at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, I decided it was time to spread my wings and fly on my own. Learning new techniques and stepping outside my comfort zone is how I want to grow as a designer.

Portfolio Imagery:

  • Project 1 of 5

    Dulux Colour Awards

    A direct mail kit that announces the Dulux Colour Awards Competition has commenced. A collection of posters showing the famous colours of history collected in a playful infographic, advertises you add your own colours to history.

  • Project 2 of 5

    Metropolis 1920

    Metropolis 1920 comes from the industrial movement of the 1920’s where skyscrapers where born. Using a double line technique, I wanted to create my own Art Deco style font that represented this era. The result is a bold, bumptious typeface with a stolidly calm disposition. The font was one of the highest free downloaded fonts available on in its first week and is recognised by Awwwards as the number 1 free display and decorative typeface in their 100 Greatest Fonts Collection.

  • Project 3 of 5

    Heroes and Villains

    When I was younger I always imagined myself someone that had a super power. How cool it would be to fly, to move things with your mind, to use magic or even have a robot suit to protect you. That's why I loved reading comics, watching movies and playing video games. It took me to fantasy worlds where heroes and villains existed. This little project is a showcase of all my favourite characters, both friendly and foe, as typographic posters representing a little of what they are about.

  • Project 4 of 5

    Common Man

    The Common Man restaurant caters to the working men and women of the city in which it resides. Its menu is brimming with a selection of hearty meals and refreshing beers that are sure to satisfy the appetite one acquires after a long day’s work. The graphic design style was to be slick and punchy while communicating the everyday appeal of the client. I designed a slew of logos and prints for the down-to-earth eatery that appeals to honest appetites and comforts. The branding distinguishes the restaurant from its competitors while staying true to the restaurant’s business model.

  • Project 5 of 5

    Melbourne Dance Company

    Dance is an expression of movement, therefore I wanted a headline type to wrap around a dancer as if it was dancing on it’s own. I wanted the viewer to look at the poster and let it play in their mind, both with the harshness of the type and the softness of the dancer. Just like dancing can be interpretive differently to others, I wanted to do the same for the poster. Using the different characters within the type allowed me to do this, and overall, create a visual dance in itself.

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