James Wignall YG9

  • Current Location: London, England
  • Originally From: UK

James is currently working as a director / animator in London. Under his super-villain guise, Mutanthands, he's worked alongside many wonderful people: MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Sony, and Nike to name a few. He has come a long way for a Yorkshire lad. After working in a post-production house in Leeds for a few years, he decided to pack his backs and head south after hearing tales of the streets being paved with gold. James has had his work shown at events such as Pictoplasma and OneDotZero, and has contributed to websites such as Motiongrapher. With what little spare time he has left, he helps to run an animation / design screening night in London called "See No Evil." His wife thinks he is neglecting her.

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