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  • Current Location: Brooklyn, NY / Los Angeles, CA

We're Huma-Huma.  We're a band and a company, a collective and sound house... just three guys who like making music together.  We make music for films, television shows, commercials, video games, websites, toys, hotels, installations, interactive work, and anywhere else you could possibly imagine music or sound.  We fuel our bodies with gallons of coffee, finger foods, very little sleep, female pheromones, cold plunges, and fresh berries. Thanks for listening.

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    Showtime ‘Music Box’

    We were honored when Showtime commissioned us to create this music video/short as part of their "SHOrt Stories" film series. With “Music Box,” we wanted to create a film that turns the traditional process of music video making on its head. Rather than starting with a song and making a video to accompany it, we wanted both the music and the visuals to evolve together organically. So we partnered up with our favorite coffee-drinkers, Mixtape Club, locked ourselves in a really hot studio space in Brooklyn, rented a humungous projector, and proceeded to bang on things for about a week. This is what came out.

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    St Louis Children’s Hospital ‘Knowing’

    We had an absolute blast working on this spot for St. Louis Children's Hospital. It was an opportunity to pull out our finest stringsmanship, our tastiest vibraphones, and our sweetest juice boxes. Our challenge was to craft a variety of tiny musical moments per scene, but seamlessly transition them within the overall umbrella of the score. Plus, we're huge fans of inchworms, so there's that. Enjoy, kids!

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    Google Toy Story ‘The Discovery’

    Listen, we're pretty enthusiastic guys in general, but this spot made us vibrate with excitement. We love working with Google... on this one we got to work with Pixar too, and we're their biggest fans. This wonderful spot ties into Toy Story 3 and plays in theaters internationally before the film. We got the opportunity to mix this in 5.1 surround too... See Toy Story 3, because we love it!

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    Sony ‘Like no Other’

    Sony commissioned the crazy dudes of Santa Maria to create this explosive piece, and we were thrilled to jump on board. Mazes, a band of musical rectangles, and a doomsday machine... it just needed a beat. Ok, fine... twist our 6 arms.

  • Project 5 of 5


    Our homesqueeze Yves Geleyn the Frenchman is a crazy bastard who loves robots, paper trees, and the touch of a woman. He is a lover, not a fighter, and asked us to make music for his special little film Colosse. Light the candles and grab some oysters. Let the good times roll.

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