Emiliano Ponzi YG6

  • Current Location: Milan, Italy
  • Originally From: Ferrara, Italy

Based in Milan, Italy, his bold textured illustrations use repetition, a judicious use of line and strong graphic compositions to define and communicate the concept at hand. His illustrations appear in advertising, magazines, book, newspapers and animations. Clients include The New York Times, Le Monde, The New Yorker, The Economist, Newsweek, United Airlines, Penguin books, Saatchi&Saatchi New York and in Italy: La Repubblica, Feltrinelli, Il Sole 24 Ore, Mondadori, Triennale Design Museum.Emiliano has received numerous honors including a coveted Young Guns Award from the the New York’s Art Directors Club, medals of honor from the Society of Illustrators New York, Los Angeles and 3x3 Magazine Pro show. Awards of excellence from Print, How International Design Award, Communication Arts Illustration Annuals and American Illustration Annuals.

Portfolio Imagery:

  • Project 1 of 5

    Sunrise Hotel

    Nine of the twenty-eight windows of the hotel, are switched-on with the digital art of Emiliano Ponzi, with shots of the guests of the Sunrise Hotel, caught red-handed in their privacy.The images, captured by the artistic sensibility of Emiliano Ponzi, are held in a box-shaped room and are numbered and signed. It will be possible to see the guests of the Hotel through five small peep-slots, providing a voyeuristic and creative experience of what can be seen in each of the rooms.


    Sunrise Hotel concept was created in collaboration with Giacomo Benelli

  • Project 2 of 5

    Charles Bukowsky is back!

    Series of book covers created for the Italian language editions of the German-born American writer Charles Bukowski’s novels, poetry and short stories published by Feltrinelli, nine titles illustrated so far. Bukowski, famed for his gritty, explicit style of writing, depicted “a certain taboo male fantasy: the uninhibited bachelor, slobby, anti-social, and utterly free” said Michael Greenberg of The Boston Review.
    Awarded with Gold medal at Society of Illustrators NY2012


    Art Direction by Cristiano Guerri

  • Project 3 of 5


    The New York Times pays tribute to Emiliano Ponzi with a solo exhibition being held in the Manhattan office. In the 7th Gallery, on the 7th floor of the editorial office of the most prestigious international newspaper, 40 artworks will be exhibited for the American public. Nicholas Blechman, curator of the exhibition and Art Director of the New York Times Book Review, has selected the most important works of the Italian illustrator that best demonstrate his extraordinary success.


    Nicholas Blechman

  • Project 4 of 5

    Design Time Exhibition

    Design Time is a pathway through the Italian design icons with six important moments during the day. A selection of objects placed in sets realized by illustrator Emiliano Ponzi and that show scenarios of the everyday life. A journey through time and life with the use of the objects that is divided in the tank area. The exhibition is intended to actively talk with the fair area surrounding it.


    Studio Migliore+Servetto, RCS MEDIAGROUP

  • Project 5 of 5

    “Sense and Sensibility”

    Last December I was contacted by movie/TV director Fabio De Luca from RSI, the Swiss television. They were very interested in building a story around my job and the way I feel it. Not just a usual documentary but something more, a view that could show both the inner and the outer side.In the movie I literally interact with my illustrations and they do the same with me. Fabio and his crew created a scenography inspired to my world. Everything happened inside the room and on the blueback screen that surrounded me.”


    Directed by Fabio De Luca

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