Derick Holt YG6

  • Current Location: Brooklyn
  • Originally From: United States
  • Studio: Freelance

Derick Holt is a Virginia-bred, Brooklyn-based graphic artist, illustrator, and printmaker. He has created an inspired body of work, bringing a classic aesthetic with modern sophistication. Specializing in branding, Derick has crafted designs for Wythe Hotel, Marlow & Sons, Bonita, and S.R. Gambrel, among others. Additionally, Derick is a five-time winner of the Print Magazine Award of Excellence, a winner in the 2008 ADC Young Guns Competition, has been exhibited at the Cooper Union and has work included in the New York Public Library's permanent collection. He received his BFA from Virginia Commonweath University in 2001.

Portfolio Imagery:

  • Project 1 of 5


    This popular Mexican restaurant opened on Bedford Avenue in 2002. In 2006, they opened a Fort Greene location and I was called in to redesign the identity. I was fresh off a trip to Mexico, where I took loads of photos of hand painted signage which I mimicked for the branding. It’s a blend of classic Americana and Aexican culture with loads of custom type.

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    Marlow & Sons was conceived, by the owners, around the story of the fictional Marlow family which immigrated from Europe to Brooklyn at the turn of the century. The design was influenced by period ornament, typography and, honestly, the spirit of Mateo Bologna’s Balthazar identity . I took on the pigeon as a sort of underdog icon, often seen as a pest but actually an attractive bird. Southside Williamsburg has changed significantly, but back when Marlow opened there was a seedy bodega around the corner which always had chickens out front, which I have reason to believe were used for cock fighting. That combined with the makeshift slaughterhouses on the street that the Hasidic people used for ritualistic chicken slaughter explains the chickens on the postcard.

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    Diner is housed in a 1920’s dining car located next to the Williamsburg bridge in Brooklyn. I’ve put together many postcards over the years using vintage photos of the bridge which has become an icon for the restaurant. The rounded ceiling and tight interior of the Pullman dining car gives the feeling of an upturned ship or the belly of a whale, combined with it’s proximity to the Navy Yard and East River I’ve used nautical themes for many of the graphics.

  • Project 4 of 5


    Motorino, Italian for scooter, is an authentic neapolitan pizzeria with a fun easygoing vibe from chef Mathieu Palombino. I looked to the Piaggio shield logo, Italian maker of Vespa scooters, for inspiration and created this logo which has the feeling of the opening to the wood fired ovens used for making the pies.

  • Project 5 of 5


    Pies N’ Thighs, a cross between a soul food restaurant and barbeque joint. The design inspiration came from character trademarks, like the McDonaldland characters, Frito Bandito, & Bob’s Big Boy, and vintage hand drawn menus. I illustrated the whole thing and found a great sloppy offset printer to give it that authentic feel.


    design and illustration by Derick Holt

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