David Oppenheim YG2

  • Current Location: Tel-Aviv
  • Originally From: United States
  • Studio: day-dream.com

David Oppenheim is an artist / musician living and working in Tel-Aviv. He studied graphic design, video and animation at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, graduated summa cum laude. In 1996 he founded Day-Dream Studios New York, where he has created commissioned web-installations as well as developing Day-Dream.com, an ongoing experimental web project. As a musician, he has composed electronic music for interactive, dance, theatre, video & film, working under the name Mildew and as a member of the bands 3H, bARBARA, Cadaver Eyes, BALATA, the Lagan Tapes & Lietterschpich, he has released over 10 full length albums under his label Heart & Crossbone [HCBrecords.com] He is currently teaching at the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem, and Wizo College of Art, Haifa. His work is in permanent collections in museums and galleries such as The Museum of Modern Art San Francisco and the Museum of the Moving Image New-York. His work appears regularly in group shows & festivals, he recently curated a show at the Bezalel art Gallery, winner of the artist encouragement prize from the Ministry of Culture and was commissioned by the Victoria & Albert museum, London to create a piece for an exhibit at the Holon Design Museum.

Portfolio Imagery:

  • Project 1 of 5

    Numb Com

    Pink Floyd remixed & re-edited by David Oppenheim for Pink Flojd

  • Project 2 of 5

    Device - Interference [V01]

    This device records the visitor's voice, snippets from the voice are sent to a speech recognition software that converts the voice to text, this text [appears white & at the top] is then fed to a search engine and brings back results from the internet, the system is constantly updated presenting more results, and is affected by cellular communication interruptions that appear as static distortions & a red scrolling-graph. Three microphones pick up the sound from over the visitors head, audio speakers give the visitors feedback to their actions and the type of process the system is handling. The LED display resolution is 96 by 32 pixels. The physical size is 3.6 meters [roughly 11 feet long.]


    Commissioned by The Victoria & Albert Museum, London. For the DECODE exhibit at the Design Museum, Hulon, Israel. Created by David Opp & Amnon Dekel. Programming : Yair Reshef. Additional audio programming : Giori Politi. 2011-2012

  • Project 3 of 5

    Occupation Loop Triptych

    Occupation Loop Triptych by David Oppenheim

  • Project 4 of 5

    Sakata Helicobtir Min Tiraz Sikorsky

    Between 1981 and 1983, Yuval liblich, David Soroko and David Opp, were in the same room. The text in this video is taken from school curriculum.

  • Project 5 of 5

    Device - Coffee Bag Trio [CB3]

    A David Oppenheim DEVICE unit - COFFEE BAG TRIO [CB3], created july 2011 at Mamuta.

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