Dan Blackman YG9

  • Current Location: Brooklyn, NY
  • Originally From: United States

Originally from Warren, Pennsylvania, Dan Blackman is a designer currently based in Brooklyn, working as a fulltime freelancer. Before freelance, Dan worked for 160over90 in Philadelphia and VSA Partners in Chicago.

Portfolio Imagery:

  • Project 1 of 6

    Hammarhead Motorcycles

    Have been lucky enough to be working on an ongoing in-store branding project for Hammarhead Industries with their creative director Matt Trigaux. The project thus far has been very step by step due to the recent explosion of popularity for the bikes. Go check them out and you'll understand.


    Creative Director Matt Trigaux

  • Project 2 of 6

    Big Human Poster

    Poster created as a part of an artist series that Big Human commissioned. The idea for the series was to create an abstract piece that relates to Big Humans culture. Big Human is a digital agency located in New York.

  • Project 3 of 6

    Botany Poste

    Promotional poster for the Botany Program at DelVal College. The idea was to create a series of program posters for the science curriculum this being the first one for Botany. The Project was assigned through the Karma Agency in Philadelphia and a part of a bigger brand concept. Collage images are from old Botany Illustrations found at the Philadelphia Museum of Science.

  • Project 4 of 6

    Material Magazine

    Spread contribution for Matériel Magazine out of New York City. Matériel is a creative journal that showcases a range of designers, illustrators, photographers and product designers. The magazine was created by Michael Freimuth and Kyle Poff. My piece was my response to “Judgment Day”, which according to Family Radio and Harold Camping, was happening later that week. The collage was created using personal photography and pieces of a Dieric Bouts painting from a magazine.

  • Project 5 of 6

    Graphic USA

    Illustrations created for the book “Graphic USA: An Alternative Guide to 25 US Cities” by the folks at Cicada Books. The book is a travel guide of American cities created by designers who live in them. I was selected to do Chicago.

  • Project 6 of 6

    Pointer Brand

    On-going brand refresh for The L.C. King Manufacturing Companies Pointer Brand Clothing in Bristol, Tennessee. The L.C. King Mfg. Co. has been owned and operated by the King family since 1913. The company has survived floods, world wars, depressions, recessions and influence from outsourcing. Pointer brand is 100% made in the U.S.A and will always stay that way.

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