Carles Murillo YG8

  • Current Location: Barcelona
  • Originally From: Spain
  • Studio: Bisdixit

Born 1980, Barcelona, Spain. Has served as Barcelona's member of the graphic design studio Bis Dixit (based in Barcelona and Figueres) since 2002. He specializes in editorial design and typography, working mostly for cultural institutions. His clients include Manifesta Foundation, Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Instituto Cervantes, CCCB, Centre d'Art SantaMónica, FRAC Bourgogne, Untitled Magazine London, TMB, Sala Art Jove and El Celler de Can Roca among others. As a member of Bisdixit, his awards have included honors from Premios Laus, Daniel Gil (Visual), the Art Directors Club, Tokyo Type Director's Club, ADCE, and others. His work has also been published in various national and international publications. In 2005 he co-founded the independent artzine 'Papermind', which has published more than 20 editions in all the world; Lisbon, Amsterdam, Sao Paolo, Santiago de Chile, Linz, Rotterdam, Barcelona, etc. He eventually teach in experimental workshops, and classes about expressive tipography, editorial masters and others. In 2010 she has been selected Young Gun on the 8th edition of this ADC New York prizes. In 2012 he has been jury on the Laus Awards and final degree project jury on the BAU School of Arts, in Barcelona.

Portfolio Imagery:

  • Project 1 of 5

    The Future is Unwritten

    A hopeful sentence in crisis time. The future is unpredictable, unwritten; we present the sentence in a unwritten way, in a process way.

  • Project 2 of 5

    El Canal. Centre D’Arts Escèniques de Salt, Girona

    Series of posters for a catalan Theater Center on Salt, Girona.

  • Project 3 of 5

    Contextos En Desuso

    Disused Contexts: Strategies to Inhabit the Space of the Other features the complete collection of the Centre d'Art la Panera, the project displays the works as part of a web of links, events, meetings, accidents, coincidences and associations that do not have or do not intend any objective claim. The works will have a real presence at the show or be represented through a complex documentary framework.


    Curators: RMS La Asociación (Madrid) Photography: Jordi V. Pou

  • Project 4 of 5

    Musica 13

    Silkscreen poster to promote MÚSICA 13, an electro-acoustic music festival celebrated in Nau Coclea, an art center dedicated to creation and research on contemporary art placed on the Empordà. This two rare and vintage engraves of ear prosthesis are perfect ironic images to promote this experimental music festival.

  • Project 5 of 5

    Illustrated New Year Wishes

    A series of illustrated 'classical' wishes for the new year.


    Creative and art direction and graphic design: Carles Murillo Client: DG SanRoman

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