Bethany Koby YG3

  • Current Location: london
  • Originally From: United States
  • Studio: Technology Will Save Us and Wolff Olins

Bethany Koby is a designer, art director, and artist creating brands, businesses, and experiences to help imagine a more positive and collaborative future. She is currently based in London, dividing her time between serving as Design Director at the international brand consultancy Wolff Olins and collaborating on participative design with art institutions, communities, and businesses. She is a co-founder of Technology Will Save Us, a haberdashery for technology and alternative education space in London. TWSU is dedicated to enabling people, though hands-on KITS and workshops, to produce and not just consume technology At Wolff Olins, Koby has been an active contributor to brand-led innovation projects that are redefining categories of business in new and more relevant ways. She co-curated and designed the exhibition Brand Next about new currencies, brands as platforms for action, and the new ways in which we interact with businesses. In 2009, she collaborated on the Dalston Mill, a Wind Mill and public oven in the heart of Dalston in London, commissioned as a part of the Radical Nature show at the Barbican Cultural Center. Outside of the UK, Koby has pursued her commitment to international perspectives and experiences. Most notably, she has led workshops at the social entrepreneurs school KaosPilot in Denmark and was invited to join Fabrica, Benetton's creative research and development hub in Northern Italy, where she worked on projects dealing with social space and design as a catalyst for change. Koby holds a BFA in Communication Design with a concentration in Art History from the Rhode Island School of Design. She a Masters in Responsibility and Business Practice at Bath University specifically to inform and advance her work in art and design. 

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    Horseley Family

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