Andrej Filetin YG5

  • Current Location: Zagreb, Croatia
  • Originally From: Croatia
  • Studio: Fiktiv

After graduating as a top student from the Academy of Fine Arts, Andrej founded the design studio Fiktiv to create smart, relevant communications with a strong visual component. In 2008, he expanded the studio in interactive systems production and started the project Loccie. He enjoys learning how things work, disassembling stuff and putting together new ones.

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  • Project 1 of 5

    ShoeBeDo Shoes: Pleasure delaying campaign

    The concept of the campaign for Croatian footwear brand was to explore what happens when you really like something you just bought and want to postpone the moment of its consummation for as long as possible. The ads are based on biological preservation in formalin, cryogenics and mummification. (We also designed the shoes!)


    Andrej Filetin (art direction, design and copywriting), Eva Azinović (photography)

  • Project 2 of 5

    The Garden Festival: Tattoo

    Each summer, a great music festival takes place on the Croatian coast. It was named the place to be in summer by several European media including The Sunday Times and The Guardian. Fiktiv has been working on the festival's branding and visual representation since its very first edition. For its fifth year we've created, among other things, a transfer sticker tattoo!


    Credits: Andrej Filetin (art direction & design), Ana Kovačić (illustration)

  • Project 3 of 5

    Who’s Afraid of Big Bad Wolf in Digital Age?

    In 2008, Penezić & Rogina architects were invited to present their ideas at the Venice Biennale and Fiktiv designed the book presenting this installation. The book format is square, the same as the ground plan of the installation. The textblock is perforated with 9 circular holes that evoke the strings, connecting the content from page to page in a virtual way, through depth and time.


    Credits: Andrej Filetin (art direction & design), Željko Paulić (3D modelling), Goran Raukar (layout), Nino Šolić (photography)

  • Project 4 of 5

    Holy Numbers T-shirt

    This T-shirt was made for an experimental project called Holy Numbers that was comparing facts, ideas, concepts and social, economic and scientific phenomena in form of numbers. T-shirts were never produced but we really enjoyed the project...


    Andrej Filetin (art direction & design)

  • Project 5 of 5

    Metroteka identity

    Firms that have a goal to reach zero (0) are rare. The ones that are in calibration business, such as Metroteka, are like that. In order to give precise reports, a measuring instrument has to be calibrated. During calibration, the dial goes up and down. When the error reaches zero, it means the instrument has been successfully calibrated.


    Andrej Filetin (art direction & design), Goran Raukar (design)

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