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  • Current Location: New York, NY
  • Originally From: Philadelphia, PA

Alec Brownstein is a New York based creative consultant, author, speaker, and director. His work is based upon the belief that simple, sticky ideas are the only thing powerful enough to break into the zeitgeist. In his free time, Alec creates digital and cross media experiences that he finds amusing. Hopefully you do, too.

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    The Google Job Experiment

    When top New York City creative directors Googled their own names, above their results was an ad from Alec asking them for a job. The case study for this simple idea went viral, leading to national and international press coverage and over four billion media impressions. Total cost: $6.

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    Forever Wrong

    Forever Wrong is a comedy series about a 400 year old goblin named Bernie who lives in present day New York City. In order to break the spell that turned him into a goblin, Bernie has to find true love. And just when you think he's going to finally get it right... he gets it wrong. Starring Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Will Janowitz.


    Written by: Alec Brownstein & Will Janowitz Directed by: Alec Brownstein Cinematography: Ludovic Littee

  • Project 3 of 5


    TweetForger is an exploration into the hastiness with which people accept the information they see online. One of the first ever social media pranking platforms, TweetForger lets users create look-alike tweets by any real Twitter user. The "forged tweets" can then be used to prank friends.


    Programmer: Romanos Fessas Graphic Designer: Mat Bisher

  • Project 4 of 5

    Leave it on the Printer

    Leave it on the Printer is a cross media prank that lets users make it appear as if someone else has accidentally forgotten to pick up something embarrassing from the printer. Users go to, type a friend or coworker's name into an embarrassing template, print it, and then leave it on the printer.


    Programmer: Romanos Fessas Art Director: Jamie Overkamp

  • Project 5 of 5


    Mitt-Flops are custom made flip-flops that contain two of 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's contradictory, flip-flopping statements on a single issue. The right foot contains a conservative, right-leaning Romney quote on an issue, and the left foot contains a liberal, left-leaning Romney quote on the same issue.


    Designer: Steven Acres

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