Posted: 10.27.14/15:52

Young Guns 12 Cube: The Making Of

​On October 9, 2014 the world was introduced to the twelfth class of ADC Young Guns. In front of a sold-out our crowd, each talented young creative was invited up onto the stage to collect their award - a cube which ended up stealing the show. This is the story of that cube. 

From Juan Carlos Pagan: We had the incredible honor of designing the 2014 award cube for ADC Young Guns (YG12). The cube is solid 3.5” acrylic, laser-etched on all sides at Deutsch, NY. The front side of each cube carries YG12 branding, and as the cube is rotated the other sides are etched with an A, D, and C (containing ADC branding). Each cube is also etched on the top with the individual winner’s name, as well as the theme for the campaign (Creativity Never Dies) on the bottom. The 31 cubes were then hand-polished before being handed out to the winners at the ADC.

There are a lot of awards out there, and in our minds, most suffer from the same problem. That is, they’re primarily static objects. You win the award, you take it home, put it on a shelf somewhere, and never really interact with it again. We wanted this project to be a bit different, so we set out to create something that would force people to interact with it. The only real requirement of from the ADC is that it is always a cube, so that was our starting point. We created a complex design that connects across all 6 sides of the cube to encourage you to turn the award over and examine the connections. This is further enhanced by the material choice. The award is made from clear acrylic that has been deeply laser etched. The laser causes the burned areas of acrylic to turn a fairly opaque white color, while the unaffected areas remain clear. Once the cubes have been polished and cleaned, the effect is mesmerizing. Because the cube is clear, you view all its sides simultaneously in such a way that every angle presents a unique view of the award. It’s also because of this, that light affects the award in very interesting ways. In direct light the cube looks shiny and seems to glow, but in lower light situations, the sides of the cube fall away and it appears almost as if it is made of trapped air within the intricate framework created by the laser.

In addition to the award cube, we designed a limited edition poster that was handed out to the winners, as well as the first 50 people to arrive at the YG12 Award Ceremony. The poster takes design cues from the cube itself, and is comprised of a stylized A, D, and C (containing ADC Branding). The posters were printed at Piggyback Letterpress in NYC.

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YOUNG GUNS 13 ANNOUNCEMENT: To get a Young Guns cube of your own, start preparing your work now. Entries for ADC Young Guns 13 will be accepted starting November 3.