Posted: 04.21.14/13:59

YG12 Creativity Never Dies: Reanimation Game

The theme of this year’s ADC Young Guns 12 is ‘Creativity Never Dies.’ which is why Julia Neumann, Jordan Bruner and Jamie Carreiro, former YGs and part of this year’s Young Guns 12 committee, came up with the idea for an online video game, demonstrating exactly that. The super-mario-esque video game they created, reanimates its main character and lets it wake up in a completely new visual world every time it dies. 

All these different worlds were created by more than 45 different artists featuring their work to showcase that creativity has no end. The re-animation game is not only fun and games. It’s also right on time to get the word out to all people 30 years or younger across all creative industries to enter this year’s competition. Play the game.

Concept: Julia Neumann, Jordan Bruner, Jamie Carreiro

Game Design and Code: Jamie Carreiro 

Music and Sound: Joe Johnson 

Website design: Juan Carlos Pagan 

Artwork: Abbey Luck / Andy Martin / Barry Bruner / Greg Lytle / Nadi Gomez / Philip Cheaney / Pooya Abbasian / Sean Donnelly / Martin Allais / Matt Rota / Something Savage / Nelly Kate / Lee Gingold / Jordan Bruner / Juan Carlos Pagan / Jaclyn Rink Crowley / Alessandro Echevarria / Erin Althea / Gal Shkedi / Jon Saunders / Kevin Weir / Mateusz Napieralski / Gina Matho / Alexander Chamorro / Stefan Bucher / Erika Lutz / Michael Aubtin Madadi / Brendan Rooney / Overture / Dadu Shin / Faust / Jelena Oroz / Felicie Haymoz / Dennis Moran / Conor Finnegan / Chris Tucci / PJADAD - Dragos Platon / United Fakes / Cesar Pelizer / Stephanie Davidson / Jess Worby / Caitlin Burns / Natasha Durley / Rich Tu / Dan Matutina / Julie Glassberg / Una Lorenzen / Feliks Richter / Jon Saunders

Play the game here.

ADC Young Guns would like to thank Shutterstock, Squarespace and LL Reps for their ongoing support.  

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