Posted: 03.17.14/10:50

YG12 Call for Entries Party Highlights

​The YG12 Call for Entries party was a blast last Thursday! The ADC gallery was packed to the door with dancing creatives, the beer was flowing and the crowded bar was plastered with impromptu bar napkin sketches thanks to Shutterstock. We loved seeing so many past and future ADC Young Guns winners come out to party for YG12.

The great wall of the ADC gallery was decorated with an interactive game representing the YG12 “Creativity Never Dies” campaign. YG12 Committee members Jamie Carreiro, Julia Neumann and Jordan Bruner headed up the initiative, and analog/digital artist Alana Aviel designed the huge keyboard used to play the levels. Lee Gingold, Barry Bruner, Matt Rota, Dan savage (YGX), Alessandro Echevarria, Nadia Gomez and Greg Lytle all contributed their work to the game so that each time your character dies, you are reborn into a new world designed by an different artist.

Another huge party highlight was the announcement of our handpicked ADC Young Guns 12 Jury. The YG12 committee went to great lengths to put together a creatively diverse jury that could represent all the creative disciplines we’re hoping to see in entries, and we’re proud to have such impressive talent leading the force for this year’s competition. 

We’ve put together some of our favorite social media moments from the live party feed in a recap for you here. Congratulations to Chris Rushing, the lucky winner of free YG12 entry thanks to his Instagram post of a party snapshot.

ADC Young Guns would like to thank Shutterstock, Squarespace and LL Reps for their ongoing support.  

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