Posted: 05.28.14/10:09

Wendy W Fok + MAD: Studio Sunday

​Wendy W Fok will be leading a 3D printing workshop at the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC this weekend as part of their Studio Sunday series. The workshop is a collaboration between WE-DESIGNS and Solidoodle, and it takes place June 1 at 2PM.

From the Museum of Arts and Design: “In this family-focused workshop centered around rethinking and remaking New York City, participants will utilize 3D printing as a new design tool to rapidly prototype a new vision of the city. Why did people decide to settle on the island of Manhattan?  Why do we have so many skyscrapers?  Why are the streets in Manhattan in a grid?  Most importantly, how do architects think about and design all of this? In the workshop each family will work as a team, to chose from a series of design options to remake their own New York City building, but with a twist.”

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