Posted: 10.03.14/8:18

Timothy Goodman + Jessica Walsh: Quotes on Shit

​Our friends Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh are back at it with another personal project. Introducing Quotes on Shit, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. 

From Timothy: We all use so much shit. We collect shit, buy shit, trade shit and then throw shit away. So what happens with all this old shit? Is there a life after it leaves our hands? Shit winds up in our garbage, on our streets, in our landfills, and in our junk shops. We feel bad for this abandoned and rejected shit, so we want to rescue them and breathe new life into them by giving them a voice with words. We want to turn old shit into new shit, and give them a second chance to be loved and find a new home.

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Do you want them to take your old unwanted shit and make it new again? Please email us at

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