Posted: 05.03.13/13:17

Thibaut Duverneix: All That I Need

YGX Thibaut Duverneix’s new music video for “All That I Need” by Kandle casts the Canadian singer as a doomed gentlewoman.

The video was inspired by the 19th century painting The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse, which was itself inspired by Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s poem of the same name. All three are beautifully gloomy. Check out this verse from Tennyson’s original:

Only reapers, reaping early

In among the bearded barley,

Hear a song that echoes cheerly 

From the river winding clearly,

Down to towered Camelot:

And by the moon the reaper weary,

Piling sheaves in uplands airy,

Listening, whispers “‘Tis the fairy 

Lady of Shalott.”


Heavy! See more of Thibaut’s work here.

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